Some of the World’s Weirdest Casino Games

Some of the World’s Weirdest Casino Games

By Alex J. Coyne © 2017 Great Bridge Links

A trip to the casino for most people means trying their luck at the slot machines or hitting the poker tables; but if you think Xing Hai Shi Bu Xing from the show How I Met Your Mother is weird, you’re in for a treat: We found something weirder. Take a look at some of the weirdest casino games we could find and who knows, maybe you could win big at the money wheel soon…

Judge Judy Slots

Judge Judy slot machines were apparently a huge thing at some point, at least according to users on the TripAdvisor forums for Las Vegas. As far as we can tell, there aren’t many of these slots available – but internet users have reported spotting these machines in Oklahoma, Louisiana, Las Vegas and Atlantic City. The game also allowed you to bet on the outcome of a court case during a pretty bizarre bonus round. You can see the slot machine’s glory days on YouTube or try out one of the online versions that are still available.


Is something weird just because you might’ve never heard of it before? In this case, we decided to go with a definite yes. Chuck-a-luck (also called birdcage or sweat-cloth) involves three dice, which is put into a cage by the dealer; bets are taken on which combinations will pop out at the end after the dice are thrown out of the cage. You can play this at more and more casino’s lately. Have you noticed it at one of your favorite hang-outs yet?


If you’ve never heard of it, a Dreidel is a traditional Jewish spinning top which usually pops up around the time of Hannukah. (Apparently, the term translates to ‘to turn’.) The four-sided top has a letter of the Hebrew alphabet on each side: Nun, gimel, he and shin. “Game pieces” – which can theoretically be anything – are bet, and the result of the spin declares the player’s next move: Doing nothing, taking everything, taking half or adding. It was reported that Michael Jordan lost money in Vegas playing Dreidel at the famed Bellagio in Vegas – though we have yet to hear back from them if they offer the game.

Two-Up (Australia)

This is about as simple as it gets: You throw two coins and take bets on how they’re going to land. It’s arguably the simplest game on this list, and yet you can probably end up losing more than double your lunch money on this one. It’s mainly known in Australia, though we know that coins are tossed everywhere coins are available, more or less; you can play the casino version – yes, for real money – at Crown Melbourne and Crown Perth in Australia.


Quick, what was the last thing you remember seeing David Hasselhoff in? It’s okay if you can’t think of anything without having to head to Wikipedia first, we’re not sure either. Still, you can get right into playing the Hoffmania-themed slot machine – available online – which is according to AskGamblers offered by Novomatic.


The game you played as a seven year old can actually be found in almost every casino nowadays. One of the most simple games you can bet on, the game is played by waging at each turn.

What’s the weirdest game you’ve spotted in a casino so far? We’d love to cover it! Send us a note on our FACEBOOK page.

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