Six of the Weirdest Online Slot Machines We Could Find

Six of the Weirdest Online Slot Machines We Could Find

By Alex J. Coyne © 2018 Great Bridge Links

Slot machines with a theme are nothing new, and almost every celebrity you can think of has a slot machine with their face on it – including Ellen DeGeneres, Clint Eastwood, Dolly Parton and Elvis Presley. But among the well-known slot machines, there are a few options that are a little more unusual. Here are some of the weirdest online slot machines we could find.

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Creepy Carnival Slots

Here’s a great online slot machine if you’re into clowns and creepy carnivals – but it’s best avoided if you suffer from the (very real) fear of clowns. The aptly-named Creepy Carnival is just that – and with music to match. This is a slot machine that might also work well for Halloween or horror movie festivals.

Trump versus Hillary Slots

And speaking of creepy carnivals! Politically-themed slots are popular for whatever reason, and they happen to be just as controversial – most gamblers consider them to be in bad taste, and they’re usually made without an official endorsement. Here’s one called Trump versus Hillary Slots, which we’d imagine was some kind of popular with players during the election. The link redirects to /obama-slots/, which leads us to think the political slot machine theme might just depend on who’s winning.

The game comes with the unusual tagline “Make slots great again!”

But it really, really doesn’t.

Dictator Slots

When you think slot machines, don’t you just think of famous dictators like Osama bin Laden? No? Well, apparently someone did, and it gave us this Dictator-themed slot machine that you can find on several online gambling websites. Of course, instead of fruit, you might have guessed that this slot machine gives you the option of dictator’s faces instead.

Thanks, but we’ll pass on a slot machine reel that looks more like a security agency’s lineup.

You Lucky Bastard Slots

You Lucky Bastard Slots is the answer to the question nobody was asking in the first place: What happens when you combine some obscenities with a slot machine? Basically, it’s a slot machine that yells obscenities at you – and this is true whether you win or lose, except we guess winning would be getting screamed at for money, so… Better? Not quite what we’d imagine as a great slots experience…

Jack the Ripper Slots

Serial killers are just as great for slot machines, right? Again, this slot machine seemed like a good idea to someone and they created the Jack the Ripper slot machine. Instead of fruit, we’re looking at numbers and mysterious shadowy figures instead. This could still have passed for a Halloween classic just because it’s Jack the Ripper, but we’d liked to have seen a little bit more effort being put into this one – why aren’t there any slot machines that come with a jump scare at random? Oh, right, because that’s too terrifying…

Taboo Slots

Here’s another weird theme that generally doesn’t make people envision slot machines: Bondage. Taboo slots is a bondage-themed slot machine that uses the letters B-D-S-M and whips, handcuffs and high heels. All we’ve really got to say for this one is nope, nope and nope – especially because slot machines are considered a solitary gambling game. There’s some food for thought…