Winning at Blackjack: 5 Fundamental Rules For Beginners

Winning at Blackjack: 5 Fundamental Rules For Beginners

by Benjamin Roussey © 2018 Great Bridge Links

In Blackjack, just like any other game, the more you play, the more you’ll know. But if you follow certain fundamental rules, you can start finding success rather quickly.

Do not start playing until you have studied the basic strategies

Luck will only help up to a point, so rely on your own knowledge, and brush up on the basic Blackjack strategies even before you hit the casino floor. Check out the essential play elements, study how the dealing occurs, and understand what the values of the cards are.

You should have some idea of what to do when you have a soft hand or a hard hand. It also helps to know when you should split and what could be the right strategy for all scenarios based on your cards.

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Check out the maximum and minimum betting limits

More often than not, new Blackjack players are not even aware of the table limits for maximum and minimum that they can bet in each hand. So, scope out the Blackjack table before you decide to sit down.

Make sure to choose a standard game, and clearly understand if the table has any special rules. Learn which of the cards you can split, and which ones you may double down on, and be clear on how many times you are allowed to do that. Check whether you have additional options such as surrender and if it can be done later or early.

Identify a nice dealer

Your casino experience as a beginner will depend a lot on your dealer. Try to look for a dealer who is friendly and nice, so you can freely enjoy your games. Consider making a ‘toke’ bet for your dealer occasionally. This will help you build a better relationship with your dealer.

Remember that you must never take out your frustration on the dealer or be rude to them or other players. You should know that only you control your game, and the dealer has no control over your cards.

Play moderately and confine play to your limits

As a Blackjack beginner, one of the first things you should do is set a limit for yourself that is comfortable on your pocket. Your decision-making will be more focused and confident if you are not worried about your bets.

Staying within your means is critically important because you are not going to win every time. One of the best rules for you as a beginner is to make a clear decision in advance about how much you are prepared to risk. Once that amount is clear, do not risk more than one-fourth of that amount at any point of time.

Follow two key strategies during the game to protect your chips:

  • Except when you are playing with multiple players and do not see any 10’s, you should not take insurance.
  • Unless you have a 16 against an ace or 9 or 10 or you have a 15 against 10, do not surrender.

Don’t drink too much

Drinks in the casino are usually complimentary, but the downside is that your judgment could become clouded after a few drinks. So, drink in moderation and don’t indulge yourself to a point where you are unable to make judicious decisions.

Blackjack can be great fun, and as a beginner, you certainly should not ruin your experience by playing less than your best. You may want to take some lessons before you hit the tables if you are as clueless as those people in the beginning of Ocean’s 11.