Top 5 Gambling Software Providers

Top 5 Gambling Software Providers

To a seasoned gambler, gambling software is not a new term. However, it takes a lot of research to understand how gambling software play vital roles in the development of sports and pastime gaming activities. Over the years, several providers of these game platforms have sought to gain prominence above others. It is, therefore, safe to say that like every other sector, provision of gambling software denotes a competitive industry that is about to explode. If you are a punter looking to make the most of your stake on a betting website, these Fanduel sportsbook welcome offers could be a great starting point.

Coming back to the topic of gambling software providers, another notable point is that they operate from different countries around the world. You could say, there is no country that monopolizes provision of the software. However, you should note that countries that have a long standing history of gambling have gained prominence in this sector. You should, therefore, not be surprised if several companies that provide gambling software are headquartered in one country. Meanwhile, you could also have a look at these Canada betting tips to help you get more well-versed with wagering.

Exploring the Best Providers of Gambling Software

Gamblers are always more interested in signing with a site that has popular games. However, on a closer look at a gaming site, the seamless and immersive gaming experience is key and it is possible because of a software company powering development of games. It also extends to the user-interface and the HD game graphics. Let’s look at top five gambling software providers.


Playtech is a gaming software company that has continued to power many gambling sites with exciting games. Since its establishment in 1999, the company has continued to enjoy a great reputation by having added many interesting casino games to their rich portfolio. On some casino websites, you can choose games based on the provider, and Playtech always features in most cases.


Another gaming software company that reigns supreme since 1994 is Microgaming. Powering some of the most popular casino websites in the world, Microgaming has more than 300 games in their portfolio. The company has earned several awards, thanks to its massive contribution to the ever-expanding gaming industry. Microgaming is especially popular as a leading provider of classical casino games, jackpots and progressive games.


Any avid gambler must have read about BetSoft. The company was created in 1999 and has since earned a great reputation as a leading provider of modern 3D casino games.


Another casino game provider that makes it to this list is NetEnt. It is a company that has managed to maneuver stiff competition in the gambling industry to set remarkable standards in provision of casino games. NetEnt is especially popular as a pioneer of games that are playable on Java and Flash systems. They have since introduced several 3D games.

Evolution Gaming

Evolution Gaming takes the fifth spot in this of top gambling software providers. The company was created in 2006 but despite being relatively new in a competitive industry, Evolution gaming has been a trailblazer in powering platforms such as Paddy Power. In the casino sector, they focus mostly on live dealer games, something that has earned the company a coveted Game of the Year award.