What Are the Best Board Games?

What Are the Best Board Games?

In an increasingly digital world, when it comes to the topic of games, it seems that all that anyone can talk about are video games. This makes sense of course as the video game industry has proved to be a phenomenon and has taken the world by storm in recent years. In fact, the industry recently became the leader of the entertainment sector, displacing long-established leaders such as the movie industry. There is no doubting that video games are great, but in the rush towards a more digitalised age, many forget about board games, the medium that preceded video games.

Board games can prove to be some of the most fun experiences a person can have, but many might dismiss them as the gameplay is not presented to players from a screen. Those who call themselves a member of the board game community realise how fun they can be though, which is refreshing in the face of a population that has fallen in love with video games. Everyone has their passion though, some like playing games online at sites like casinogenie.org, some enjoy video games, and some prefer playing board games. Certainly, they are traditionally seen as a family activity, and they are always enjoyed by children. Adults may be surprised that they still enjoy board games when they take the time to sit down and play them, and they may even be able to recover some of their childhood youth. Here are some of the best board games to play:

Monopoly – There is no list of board games that can be complete without mentioning this giant of a game. Monopoly is arguably more common to find in households than a video game console, such is its popularity with families. Many people will recall memories of playing Monopoly at Christmas with their family, usually ending with a messy board displaced by a sulking younger child. It is exactly these kinds of memories that make Monopoly so good, and it has the advantage of being easy to understand. Everyone knows how to play it and so it certainly deserves a spot on the list.

Frustration – This game is not unlike Monopoly in the way it can cause some players to react. There is no doubt that the game certainly earns its name as it can prove I credibly frustrating to play. This is because of the gameplay loop present within the game – it encourages repetition and hoping that the player can secure the right number before they are sent back to the home position. For the losing players, frustration is annoying to play, but for those who win, it can prove to be an ultra-satisfying experience. If not for the sweet taste of victory, then because of the utter look of disdain that will be plastered on the other players’ faces.

Snakes and Ladders – Not much can be said about this classic, as the game itself is very simple to play. This is perhaps why it is so popular with very young children. However, it is as recognisable as Monopoly and will also likely share a spot in every household. It shares the same frustration as the eponymous game but also inversely provides elation when a ladder is hit instead of a snake.

Trying out any of these games will typically provide a great experience and may convince those who are in love with video games to put the controller down now and then.