Alternative Card Games for Bridge Fans

Alternative Card Games for Bridge Fans

Bridge is a card game that is ideal for both rookie players and experts. However, you have to hone your skills as it requires utmost concentration and dedication. If you want to try something new, numerous card and casino games offer similar fun as Bridge does. Some have physical boards and cards while others are available for play online. We have compiled a list of top card game selections that can be great substitutes for bridge fans.


Uno is a classic card game with simple gameplay yet incredibly thrilling. It is a popular game around the world and involves 2-10 players. Players are required to match the card on the hand with the current one on the deck. This may be either by color or number.

There are also special action cards that can deliver game-changing options. Such include, Draws Twos, Skips, Reverses, Wild, and Draw Four Wild Cards. If the cards do not allow a player to make a match, then the player must draw from the central pile.

When a player is down to one card, they should shout UNO. The game also has penalties for breaking the rules. For instance, a player must draw two cards if they fail to call UNO when playing the second to last card.


These games are designed with thousands of discrete themes with numerous selections that players can choose. Familiarizing yourself with slots takes only a few minutes. After learning, players can spend hours playing due to the immense entertainment that slots offer.

Slots are also ideal for punters yearning to mint. This requires precise strategies that can help players reduce losses while maximizing profits. They have bonuses such as no deposit spins that can boost your luck. All that is required is choosing a favorite slot game and play either for fun or making bucks.

Five Crowns

It’s a nice game that can be played with friends, family, or random online competitors. The game has more rules than Bridge. Hence, understanding them can ensure you have a smooth time during your play. Playing requires a group of 2-7 members.

Five Crowns also requires skill to maneuver. The game has five Royal Families, the Stars, Clubs, Hearts, Spade, and Diamonds. This creates an equilibrium where players can make a book or a run. The main goal is to obtain the lowest score in the match. The game does not involve Aces in the deck, but Jokers are available.


Poker has a notable similarity with Bridge as the main aim is conquering the opponent with the best card combination. It is one of the most popular casino games, and it can blend well with newbie and professional players. Poker is also an ideal game to make profits.

It is an easy game but requires persistence to become an expert. This is because it entirely depends on skill rather than luck. Players are required to play each hand correctly to emerge as winners. Rather than playing it to make bucks, you can play it for fun with friends or online.

Final Thoughts

Card games such as Bridge have become popular for fun and punters as well. There are also numerous alternative games that are fun with friends or online. Such selections include games such as poker, Uno, slots, five crowns, among others. All that is required is a brief understanding of the rules and persistence to become an expert.

Photo by Linas Drulia on Unsplash