The Smartest, Most Entertaining Poker to Watch Online

The Smartest, Most Entertaining Poker to Watch Online

by Margie Pignataro, for Great Bridge Links

There are many, many poker games available online, featuring extremely talented players and with accessible, entertaining commentators. If you’re looking to watch games for fun, or learn the game better, it’s out there. The list below are some of the best, and which I highly recommend.

World Series of Poker live streams

Right now the World Series of Poker is going on in Las Vegas at the Rio Hotel and Casino.  People from all over the world, professional and amateur, play in these various poker events.  Many of their tournaments are being streamed live online for free.  Click here and you’ll also find a place to go to their archives of their World Series Final Tables.  Not all of the final tables are there, as they’ve only begun to build their archives.  Past years are available on YouTube, and I highly recommend the 2014 Main Event Final Table.  It’s a textbook on how to play tournament poker.

Poker Stars TV

This is a massive archive of poker webcasts from tournaments that Poker Stars sponsers.   (Poker Stars is a major online poker/gambling/casino website.)  The list of poker channels seems endless and all inclusive.  The best streams to watch are the European Poker Tournament live webcasts.  They’re very long, but extremely entertaining. Click here >

The Big Game

A short lived TV series which appeared on FOX, The Big Game dropped an amateur poker player into a cash game of no limit Texas Hold’em with professional players.  The professionals are ranked amongst the best players in the world and include such giants as Daniel Negreanu and Phil Hellmuth.   Click Here >

Poker After Dark

This was an NBC show of cash games of No Limit Texas Hold’em with the best contemporary professional poker players, including the brilliant Phil Ivey and delicious Jennifer Tilly.  What is so entertaining about these episodes is the banter between the poker players and the side bets they place during hands (such as guessing at what age Daniel Negreanu lost his virginity). Click Here >

High Stakes Poker

This is considered one of the best poker shows and features No Limit Texas Hold’em and some of the giant players in the industry.  Seasons one through six are particularly good. Click  Here >

The Durrrr Million Dollar Challenge

Tom Dwan (or Durrrr, his online handle) became a very young, wildly successful online poker player.  At 22, his lifetime wins had already gone into the millions.  He issued a million dollar open challenge: to put it simply, he would play anyone willing to put $500,000 in a game of heads up No Limit Texas Hold’em.  Click Here >

Full Tilt Poker Million Dollar Cash Game

This was a televised cash No Limit Texas Hold’em game in which the players were buying in between $100,000 to $250,000.  The series had some of the highest pots ever televised, involving some of the giants in the game. Click Here >

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Margie Pignataro

New member of the Great Bridge Links writing team, Margie Pignataro is a Fiction/Playwright/Academic Writer from the United Kingdom. Her website can be found here