Vintage Collectible Casino Items and Where to Find Them

Vintage Collectible Casino Items and Where to Find Them

If you’re a lover of poker, slots, casinos or gambling then vintage and decommissioned items from the inside of the casino floor are some of the coolest things that you can have in your collection. There’s a huge network of collectors, enthusiasts and dealers of vintage casino items out there – you can find everything from poker chips through to napkins and slot machines for sale.

We’ve collected some of the best resources, links and websites for vintage casino items. Starting your collection for the first time or looking to build to one you already have? Start here.

Slot Machines

Slots of Montana

Slots of Montana is an online retailer offering various slot machines that have outlived their usefulness on the casino floor, but can still look pretty cool in your house.

Antique Slot Machines

Antique Slot Machines sells just that, and the website is run by slot machine dealer Richard Bright. Plenty of deals here, and almost every type of slot machine you could imagine.

Old Times Slots

Old Times Slots is one more great slot machine sales resource to check out – and you can even contact them if you have a slot machine that you’d like to sell.

Vintage Slot Machines of eBay

eBay is an excellent resource if you’re looking for anything casino and vintage: just get your search terms right and you’ll almost surely find what you’re looking for. Here’s their section for vintage slot machines for sale.

Vintage Chips

The Official Casino Chip Price Guide

One of the first things that you should know as an aspiring collector or anything is what you’re looking at, and what it’s worth. If you’re collecting casino chips, the best tome to have in your collection is the Official Casino Chip Price Guide. In it, you’ll find most casino chips in the US and their current value listed – just make sure you have the most recent edition.

Chip Guide

Chip Guide is another excellent resources for collectors who want to find out what they have or might be buying. They have more than 4, 000 different types of chips on the website according to their description, and they’re organized by state casinos for enthusiasts who find themselves in the US.

Collector’s Weekly: Poker Chips

Collectors Weekly is a vintage collectible retailer that offers a lot more than just gambling-related memorabilia, so it’s a great site to look around on if you’re a general vintage item collector, too. You can find their section for vintage poker chips over here.

Ebay: Poker Chips

Everyone knows eBay – but not everyone knows just how many vintage gems you can find on there if you spend long enough digging with the right keyword attached to your search. You can find Collectible Casino Chips on eBay by clicking here.

Top Shelf Chips

Top Shelf Chips is a great place to go for vintage casino chips for sale, but you can also find a range of other cool casino collectibles through the site including dice, cards and even napkins. Click here to visit Top Shelf Chips.

Casino Signs

Vintage Lost Vegas

Vintage Lost Vegas is one of your top go-to websites if you’re looking to pick up (both small and large) casino signs to decorate your house or gambling room.

Antiques LV: Neon Signs

Antiques LV appears to be one of the other largest websites for tracking down anything that says vintage and Vegas, and they offer a few more items than just neon signs.

Other Casino Stuff

Casino Antiques

Casino Antiques is a pretty huge vintage casino stuff website, and here you can find everything from ashtrays to napkins through to casino chips and felt. You’ll find some really cool and weird items over here.

Cuba Casino Items

There are casinos in more parts of the world than just Vegas: This site offers you a range of different casino-related items that come from Cuban casinos!

Rare Playing Cards

Rare Playing Cards is where you’ll go to find, well, rare playing cards – and as we can tell you, every card player could always use just one more card deck for their collection.

Collectors Weekly: Playing Cards Section

Collectors Weekly has a special section for vintage casino playing cards, or you can browse through the main website to find a range of othervintage items – some casino-related, others not at all.

Vintage Dice

Vintage Dice offers everything you could possibly think of when it comes to dice, vintage casino dice and more.

By Alex J. Coyne

Image is The Persian Beat album cover from the movie ‘Casino Royal’. From Johan Oomen via Flikr