The Ultimate Beginners Guide to Online Poker Betting

The Ultimate Beginners Guide to Online Poker Betting

Experts Share Their Tips

Playing poker online for real money has recently become a real gold mine for the professional poker players around the world and the number of online sites, mobile apps, and rooms continue to mushroom at an unbelievable speed. However, betting at poker might  seem as a lesson in astrophysics for the beginning player. Not to worry. This confusion will be a thing of the past after reading our selection of ultimate poker tips for beginners. Let’s get started!

Start by Learning the Basic Poker Rules & Strategies

Contrary to popular belief, playing poker online is not just about chance. In poker, you must master strategic thinking, patience and the good judgment required to determine when to play and when not. Thus, being successful at playing poker for real money online requires a commitment to mastering the rules and developing the needed skills.

One of the most important things to bear in mind is that even if you’re not in Las Vegas’ casinos when you’re online, you’re still playing against real people for real money. This is what bettors find most appealing – they’re not playing just against the house and winning a fortune is a real possibility.

Freeroll and Mobile Poker Apps

As you’re just starting with poker, it’s useful to know that there is a myriad of sites that allow you to play for free once you create an account. We recommend starting with the free poker games on the sites that you’d like to bet on later on. Playing on several sites for free at the same time will provide you with some initial cash, but don’t waste too much time, as the free game environment won’t teach you a great deal about the risk and adrenaline from playing live with real opponents. Leading a busy life on the go, then consider the mobile options for live games and poker beginner practice games available on these websites. Casino sites have an option to download latest best poker app for beginners for those who want to learn how to bet on cards.

Try Out the Most Popular Online Poker Game

Let’s start with a clarification for the rookies: poker is the common name for thousands of variations of the game, thus there aren’t a simple set of rules to follow in each situation. However, the 3 options of check or call, bet or raise and fold when you skip a turn are the common foundations of all poker games.

One of the most popular online betting poker game is Texas Hold’em. This game can be played in 3 different ways.

With the No-limit version, the maximum you can bet is the total amount of your chops before the cards were dealt for this particular hand count. There exists also Fixed-Limit, where the size of the game is predetermined by the bet size, which makes for fewer bluffs and a more secure way of playing for beginners. Finally, pot-limit allows you to bet the amount in the pot at the time. These 3 types of Hold’em represent also the betting structures in most poker games. As with most card games, the goal of Texas Hold’em is to make a stronger hand to win the jackpot. Thus, at the very beginning of the game, it’s important to determine whether your hand will help you win before jumping into the pot.

For a good outline of How to Play Texas Hold’em check Pagat Card Game Rules

Choosing Your Preferred Poker Game

Omaha and Seven Card Stud are the other two most widespread games, the objective in each of them being to win the money in the pot by creating the strongest hand. Here’s a recommendation: start playing on 10-player tables, as it is generally easier to come close to the pot. Choosing your first game is also about understanding the difference between a cash game and a tournament. Simply put, tournaments are not recommended for the beginners, as the games last longer and it is more difficult to cash out, whereas cash games offer the freedom to leave the game whenever one wants. Understanding the basic differences between the different types of online poker betting games is crucial, but what’s even more important is to know where to find the most trustworthy websites offering the greatest bonuses. has a comprehensive review section and regularly updates its top betting providers’ list.

Master Your Bankroll

Poker can be very educational, as well as a lot of fun once you get the hang of  how to manage your money well. Managing your bets requires a bulletproof strategy for the ups and downs of the game. A useful way to look at the game is to consider every hand as a separate game, thus managing independently the amount you’re willing to bet on. The target is to always have enough money to deposit on the stake level you prefer to play on. To choose the right amount of your bankroll consider the type of poker you’d like to play. We recommend sticking to single table tournaments, as these provide a faster cash out options. Start with finding beginner’s tables and players that are weaker than yourself. Don’t jump at a high level at once, as there the level of poker’s stakes and skill of the opponents increase. Playing loose or against opponents with a loose betting style would provide for a greater entertainment, but this will also mean that you’d win and lose larger pots and would require a greater bankroll. To ensure peace of mind, always make sure to have more than you’d need. Another way to stay on top of your betting money is to record your stakes and bets by writing them down on a table. After all, managing your bankroll is probably the most important lesson that poker can teach you, as any two cards can win, as long as you’ve mastered your good judgment skills.

Secure the best position on the table

Believe it or not, your table position is a crucial factor for the entire game. The best position is when you’re last, and you had the chance to learn more about your opponents’ games. This is extremely important in Texas Hold’em, for example.

Don’t be afraid to be aggressive

The real poker winners make sure that they win with huge margins while losing smaller than average pots. Thus, they always remain cautious. Don’t forget this.

Failing is not losing

Most importantly, remember that poker is a game and in every game, there are a winner and losers. Failing is not necessarily losing, as only in failing, you’d be able to learn how to perfect your game.