2 Casino Games that You can Play at Home, Even With your Kids

2 Casino Games that You can Play at Home, Even With your Kids

Casino games are generally considered to be “adult-only”. This doesn’t make them implicitly unfit for children, though – their association with real money gambling, both in land-based environments and online at venues like www.wildjackcasino.com/ is what makes them require a “legal age”. Otherwise, many games that you can play at a casino are quite a lot of fun – and even kid-friendly. Of course, we’re talking about card games – the majority of other games available at online casinos like the Wild Jack are too “single-player” to be considered. Among the card games you can play at the Wild Jack or in a real life online casino, though, you can find many that you can easily adapt to a friendly – or even family – setting and play them in real life for fun.


Blackjack is a simple, fast-paced, and action-packed game that can be played by two or more players. In casinos, it is usually played with multiple decks but at home, you can play it with one – or as many as you have at hand, simply shuffling them together. The rules of the game are simple: have a hand with a value that doesn’t exceed 21 points but is higher than the hand of the dealer.

Yours truly has learned blackjack before learning to read and write – this tells a lot about just how easy and simple the game is. Its fast pace makes it the perfect card game for today’s youngsters with a generally short attention span, and its fast gameplay makes it simple to start playing – and to stop when the players lose interest in the game. Besides, it’s a game that can be played without a table, too, which makes it perfect for road trips. If you get into it and want to find some more games to play once the kids have gone to bed, then check out  crazyvegas online casino to find other classic card games.

You can find simple rules on playing blackjack on Gifts for Card Players – ask Chatty, the robot!

Triple Pocket Hold’em Poker

A casual version of Texas Hold’em that you will only encounter at Microgaming-powered online casinos like the Wild Jack, as it is a proprietary game, but nobody will sue you if you play it at home, Triple Pocket Hold’em will be a fun alternative to the real thing to those with at least a basic knowledge of poker. It’s quite a fast-paced game since it comes without the normal betting rounds.

The game is played by two players (a dealer and a player). The player is dealt a starting hand consisting of two cards that he or she can keep or dismiss – in this case, the hand ends up in one of the two “pockets” in front of the dealer. If the player holds on to his or her hand, the dealer is dealt two hands for each of the pockets. When both sides are served, five community cards are dealt, and the players’ hands are used to form poker hands according to the standard rules. The hands are compared – the player’s hand has to beat both the dealer’s hands to win.

For basic Texas Hold’em Poker rules be sure to visit Pagat.com – a website with rules to all card games.