Tired of the usuals? Here are some less common card games to try at the casino 

Tired of the usuals? Here are some less common card games to try at the casino 

Card games have always been a mainstay of casino gaming. Some of the classic casino moments on the big screen have revolved around the turn of a card, especially as far as the world’s most famous casino-goer, James Bond, is concerned. Casino Royale, the tale that started it all, revolved around a game of baccarat, which was changed to Texas Holdem poker for the 2005 movie, while Licence to Kill includes an iconic scene at the blackjack table. 

But when you think about it, those three games sum up the card-playing options at most casinos – or at least, that used to be the case. The booming popularity of online casino games has led to an increase in the variety of games on offer, both in terms of slots and table games. Here, we explore some card games you can find that are a little different to the usual offerings.  

Football studio 

To the uninitiated, you might assume this is something to do with sports betting. However, despite the football theme, it is all decided on the turn of a card. Football studio is rapidly becoming one of the most popular online live casino games, and the rules are simple. Simply bet on a home win, an away win or a draw. The dealer will then deal a card for each team to dictate the winner. You get an even-money return if you back the winning team, while calling the draw correctly means an 11-1 payout. 

Caribbean Stud 

Poker in the casino is usually limited to Texas Holdem, 3-card or video poker. However, Caribbean Stud is starting to appear at more and more online platforms. It’s less complex than Texas Holdem, as it’s just you against the dealer, and is effectively a step up from that beginner’s favourite 3-card poker. The rules are similar, but the fact that it is played with five cards instead of three allows for more variations in the possible hands. The key decision to make is whether to double your ante and play based on your cards and the dealer’s upcard. It’s a great game for those who are still relatively new to poker but want to develop their game beyond first principles. 


Of all the card games that you would not expect to see in a casino, bridge would probably be at the top of the list, with cribbage running a close second. However, today’s developers love a challenge, and 1×2 Gaming has developed a simplified version of the classic English pub game. Again, it is player versus dealer. Each are dealt four cards, and there is a community card known as the crib. Score with pairs, straights and flushes to reach the target before the dealer.  

3-Card Rummy 

Here’s another modern take on a classic game. This version of rummy has a similar format to blackjack, except you and the dealer each get three cards and the winner has the lowest total. Pairs, triples and consecutive cards of the same suit have null value. As with Caribbean Stud, you can decide whether to fold or double your stake before the dealer’s hand is revealed. 

Photo by Noémie Cauchon on Unsplash