The ultimate guide to win Dond Bingo

The ultimate guide to win Dond Bingo

Deal or No Deal became popular when it played on TV. 22 contestants receive an assigned red sealed box. Each one of the boxes contains money with different values, then a Banker calls in and makes an offer to purchase a box for a certain amount. The players decide on whether to take the Banker’s offer or not.

Dond Bingo

The Dond bingo is similar to the TV show. Dond bingo plays out like any bingo game and comes in 75 and 90 ball options. With Dond bingo players get prizes for one line, two lines or a full house. In this game 21 of the total numbers are attached to red boxes, the 22nd is attached to a box for the player. During the game they again announce the numbers, they open the boxes accordingly and reveal all the prizes.

The players who complete a line or two lines or a full house in less than 31 calls get into the progressive jackpot. Winning gives you a chance to compete in a Deal or No Deal style game, where there is a banker making cash offers just like in the TV game.

Game Set Up

The deal or no deal bingo game comes in 75 and 90 ball options. Up to 128 players can take part in any one game. It is developed by Playtech game developers. It’s a fun way to play bingo on any deal or no deal bingo sites, and it’s easily accessible.

How to play

The more tickets purchased per game the bigger the prize. The game has 4 prizes, 1 line, 2 lines, full house or the Deal or no deal feature. They announce the numbers and the first player to get all the numbers in a horizontal line wins the 1 line prize.

The player who gets the called out numbers on two lines of the same ticket takes the two line prize. A player who manages to fill all the numbered squares called on a ticket gets the house or bingo prize. The house prize qualifies the winner to partake in the deal or no deal feature.

The deal or no deal feature entails taking on the Banker as he makes offers. You can choose to deal, meaning you’re able to take the cash offer or no deal. This is usually saying no to the offer with the hope that there is a more lucrative prize in the box that you hold. At the beginning you will select your stake and pick a box.

Where to play

There are several Dond bingo sites where you can play. Fans can choose between a number of options that serve them best. There also Dond apps which are available for both Android and iOS users. Some highly ranked websites to use include Sun Bingo, Buzz Bingo, Betfred Bingo, Mecca Bingo and Fabulous Bingo.


The trick is to try to stay in the game for as many rounds as possible. To do this, you need to say “No deal” to the bank, that’s if you believe your box contains more than what the Banker is offering.

As the boxes become eliminated in the play, a “No deal” choice keeps you in the game. A 90 ball bingo ticket has 3 rows and 9 columns. A row has 5 numbers and there is a total of 15 numbers on each ticket.

As soon as the full house has been won, the banker offers a deal. The deal focuses on the number of boxes left. At this point it’s the winner’s choice to take the offer or to open the box. The Banker aims to buy the player’s box for less than it’s value, thus the banker calculates the remaining boxes’ average value. Additionally, the banker will then typically offer below the average value.

The 75 ball bingo version gives six chances to win. These are 1 line, 2 lines, 3 lines, 4 lines. The full house and the Deal or No Deal feature can be included and are offered to the winner of the full house. The 75 ball ticket has 25 squares in 5 rows and 5 columns. The ticket has a free square in the middle, marked with a star. The more tickets bought the larger the progressive jackpot becomes.

Bonuses and Promotions

DOND Bingo allows for progressive jackpots, and it’s possible to find bonuses. A good example is at Sun Bingo. Sun Bingo launched in 2006, they have promotions on Dond bingo that change regularly, players can sometimes enjoy 1 free play daily. Mecca bingo allows players in different rooms to play each other, this increases the value of the jackpot. Promotions include Friday night deals.

This game is loved by many, and that is because it is fun to play. It’s not surprising that there are so many options to bet on Deal or No Deal-themed games online.

Photo by Alejandro Garay on Unsplash