Reasons why online poker is not all about luck

Reasons why online poker is not all about luck

It’s well known that poker is primarily a skill-based game, but many people believe that the online counterpart is pure luck and that the amount which skill decides is minimal. This is untrue and we will do our best to lay out all the reasons why online poker is not all about luck and why skill is still an incredibly important factor. We wish to dispel this confusion as online poker is an incredibly fun activity and we wouldn’t want you to miss out on it because of misconceptions. Hopefully, by the end of this read, you’ll be motivated and start playing bitcoin texas holdem yourself. Let’s get into it.

Poker is always about skill

Regardless of how it’s played poker always has been and will continue to be a skill-based game. While the hand you’re dealt is of course purely luck, that is only a small portion of what wins games. Even if you have an awful hand you can still manipulate others and get a win. A skilled player can easily have a win rate of over 50% due to their vast knowledge of when to fold and when to keep going and they know what kind of hands have a good statistical chance of winning compared to what others might have.

Poker is a very nuanced game and there is no shortage of possibilities to express your skills. Remember that you can offset the fact that luck will sometimes give you a bad hand with enough skill. While some situations may be unwinnable the vast majority aren’t like that and if you get good enough you’ll be able to overcome these things quite easily.

“You can’t bluff online”

We can’t deny that bluffing isn’t anywhere near the same without being in-person, but that doesn’t mean that you can bluff at all. Depending on the online poker place you’re playing at it may allow some level of interaction and/or communication which you can make use of quite easily to your advantage to bluff as if you were right there in front of them. 

It is also important to note that the mere act of raising can act as a bluff. If someone has a decent hand and you keep raising, they may think you have an even better hand and quit while they still can to not risk everything. While these bluffs can be quite risky they’re also incredibly rewarding which is why many people online make use of them if they’re skilled enough.

The skill levels online

A great thing about poker online is that you can find people of various skill levels which is incredibly useful as you can find people who are similar to yourself. If you want to learn and improve then you want to play against people who are about as skilled as you are. It’s incredibly difficult to improve if you’re consistently playing against less-skilled players, but it’s also hard to get better if you keep getting destroyed by people who have far more experience.

All of this is why online poker is an incredible place to learn how to play and improve yourself so that you can be even better when playing in person or simply just for the sake of it if that’s what you want. The possibilities for sharpening your skills are endless and it’s a great way to meet new people too so that you can have a regular party of equally skilled and friendly players.


Online poker is certainly not all about luck and skill is the only thing that can get you very far. Luck is present but it isn’t nearly as big of a factor as some people make it out to be. Not only is online poker not about luck but it’s an incredible learning tool and a great place to become better at poker in general and it’s something we highly recommend if you wish to improve.

We hope that this read was interesting and educational, hopefully, you’ve gained a deeper understanding of poker itself. Perhaps you even wanna get more into it and start playing it more seriously to see just how skillful you can become at the game itself and how far you can get in your local community and/or online.

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