The Qualities You Need to Become a Great Player

The Qualities You Need to Become a Great Player

Whether you’re interested in poker or patience, bridge or baccarat, there are certain qualities that are useful for all card games. After all, most players who enjoy one card game in particular, also have a couple of others which they enjoy from time to time. For those who are looking to improve their play purely for fun or for those who want to improve their professional ability, you’ll find all kinds of advice here.

Patience, Patience, Patience

Patience is so important when becoming a great cards player that they even named a game after it. Of course, Patience isn’t the only game that requires patience. Have you ever thrown away a great hand because you didn’t wait for the correct time to play it? Or ended up giving away a card that you really needed for a run because you couldn’t wait for it to turn up? These are the obvious mistakes that can be avoided by having patience during the game. 

However, there’s a less obvious sort of patience that needs to be conquered. Being able to wait for key moments during a card game is important, but having patience with yourself whilst you’re learning is the most important sort of all. Becoming truly great at cards requires a great deal of practice. There are going to be games where you underperform, but these are the opportunities where a patient person can sit back, reflect and learn from their experience. Being able to be patient when you make mistakes is what will ultimately help you to become a better player in the end. That is unless your game of choice is Snap, in which case forget all of that and be as quick as you can about it!

Cool Under Pressure

Whether playing at an online casino like VegasSlotsOnline, a local cards club, or around a poker championship table, remaining cool under pressure will always stand you in good stead. Just like patience, this is a skill that comes with time and repetition. One of the ways to nurture this skill is to look back at the moments in a game where you became flustered and work out a strategy for if it happens again. There are tracking apps that will be able to help you if you use online casinos. They keep data of the moves that you make and the cards in your hand and will allow you to play back through until you find the sticking point in your game. Loads of famous players use this technology to help improve their decision making skills and also to recognise the things that they personally find challenging.

For those who play outside of online casinos, particularly if you play in real life, it can be a little trickier to replay games, though not impossible. If you have a camera and the other players are happy to be filmed then you can simply record the game as it unfolds. A tripod is really handy for this, but you can also sit the camera on the table so that it can at least see your own hand. In this way you can go back through the pivotal moments of the game, albeit in a slightly more rudimentary fashion. Learning through your mistakes is one of the most effective ways of improving your play.

Sheer Determination

As with most skills, this one links closely to the others that you’ll need to succeed. Determination is defined as having a firmness of purpose. Many people wrongly think that determination is simply doggedness, but in order for determination to be effective you first have to work out exactly what your end goal is. For some people who enjoy playing for money, it could be achieving a total target for winnings, for others it could be improving their win rate.

If you enjoy playing blackjack then your ultimate goal might be to memorise the basic play chart so that you don’t have to use one at the table in order to ensure you give yourself the highest probability of winning. Some of us are blessed with a naturally brilliant memory, others aren’t, but practising in a focused way, breaking down your goal and exerting that determination will help you to achieve that goal. You could break the chart down and learn one line per week for example and have the focus to keep going right until the end.

Photo by Andrik Langfield on Unsplash