5 Ways Artificial Intelligence is Used in Online Casinos

5 Ways Artificial Intelligence is Used in Online Casinos

It is undeniable that Artificial Intelligence (AI) made waves in various industries. AI is now changing our online casino experience from running a business and marketing to technology and healthcare.

Thanks to IBM’s Deep Blue computer technology, there has been a cemented intersection between AI and gaming for the last two decades. But it was only in January 2017 when the Libratus AI won thousands of Poker rounds against top players.

Imagine what AI technology can do with your favorite card games online such as Poker, Blackjack or Baccarat (바카라)!

With that in mind, here five ways AI can be a gamechanger in the casino industry.

1. Root Out Cheating Players

Sure, the Libratus AI can beat a top Poker player. However, AI can also be used to even the playing field.

How? By using the insightful player analysis to root out cheating players.

Through CCTV recordings and security details, they can monitor a player’s behavior and expression. From there, they can suspend the account of someone suspicious of cheating.

The only caveat is that online casinos are a disadvantage when it comes to identifying scheming players. After all, casinos cannot install CCTVs and have eagle-eyed security staff in a player’s home.

As such, operators will not know whether online casino players are using probability programs to wind the game.

2. Provide Level Playing Field

In line with the previous point, AI can root out cheating players and provide a level playing field.

Through CCTV monitoring, you can use AI to observe a particular player’s behavior. Someone who keeps on winning at Blackjack tends to play it quickly. This can raise a red flag that he is using a bot to get a competitive edge unfairly.

If the operators can clamp down players who use underhanded tactics, it ensures that other people have a fair chance at winning.

Moreover, casino operators can use AI to collect data relevant to gaming the system. As the data grows, they can conduct a site-wide and simultaneous gamer behavior.

Meaning, they can monitor multiple players at any given. This can help increase the number of unfair gamers that they can root out.

3. Mitigate Gambling Addiction

Advocate groups and the industry itself are doing their best to fight gambling addiction. As such, they can use AI for early detection.

This technology can be used to analyze player data and detect any signs of addiction. It can be as simple as tracking a player’s increasing credit due to continuous betting.

Regardless, the casino industry is doing a commendable job in promoting responsible gaming. After all, there is pressure coming from the government and lobby groups.

Their preventive measures include providing resources about two vital things:

  1. Knowing if you are showing signs of gambling addiction.
  2. What you can do about it.

Moreover, operators can suspend someone’s account as soon as he shows signs of addiction.

4. Improve UX and CX

In its traditional sense, casinos are known to analyze players’ behavior. They would collect data and use a sophisticated system to understand why a player would prefer one game from another.

From there, casinos would begin to understand why Blackjack is more popular than Roulette.

Data collection and analysis allow casino operators to attract and retain players. As a result, they can maximize their profit. On the other hand, casinos can offer tailored gaming experiences and promotions.

That said, you can heighten your casino’s user and customer experiences with the help of AI.

At the moment, casinos use an impersonal customer support chatbot. But only time will tell when casinos can develop an intelligent customer support bot.

And when we say “intelligent,” we mean a chatbot that can understand and converse like a human.

5. Boost Revenue

As mentioned earlier, AI can help casino operators maximize their profit.

This is made possible by combining club cards and loyalty programs with data collection and analysis. From there, operators can figure out what makes a player tick.

For instance, a player prefers to park his winnings and withdraw it after reaching a certain amount. What you can do is run a promo to encourage him to withdraw his money now rather than later. Another is to increase the amount of withdrawal fee for significant amounts.

Either way, casino operators can earn from players who withdraw their winning often and those who cash out a hefty sum.

How Far can the Casino Industry Go with AI?

From the 16-bit online Poker of yesteryears to playing with a live dealer, the casino industry is known to adopt technology quickly. This is to cater to their players’ needs and keep them engaged.

Moreover, enhanced UX and CX, addiction mitigation, and fraud prevention are breakthrough use cases. This is proof that AI is also setting its roots in the casino industry.

However, gambling and betting are still in the early stages of adopting AI. That said, only time will tell what other AI applications will happen in the casino industry.

Photo by Heather Gill on Unsplash