The 3 Best Games to Play in a Casino for Real Cash

Best Online Casino Games for Real Money

The best casino games on sites like Vulkan Bet are those where you can apply a strategy. Some examples are blackjack, roulette, and poker. Today, we will show you why these are the best games and what strategies you can use to increase your odds of winning. 


Contrary to what many people say, you can outsmart blackjack if you want. However, it takes patience and a high degree of skill to beat the house. To win at blackjack, the first thing you need to know is called basic blackjack strategy.

Here are some of the things you must remember:

  • Always hit if you got 11 or less than that 
  • If you have 12, stand if the dealer has 4 to 6; if the dealer does not have 4 to 6, hit
  • If you have 13 to 16, stand if the dealer has 2 to 6; if the dealer does not have 2 to 6, hit
  • Always stand if your hand is a hard 17
  • Hit if you have a soft 17
  • Stand if you have a soft 18; however, if the dealer has 9, 10, or A, you must hit
  • Always stand on soft 19.

All these techniques have already been calculated. If you find this confusing, we suggest you keep a table of this strategy, which tells you what to do or what action to take depending on your card. 

In addition to these rules, you must not take insurance or money. The odds are that an insurance bet is always a bad bet. 


There are several variants of roulette, but the best one is European roulette, where there are only 37 divisions or digits. Although roulette is a game of chance, you have the option to wager on even bets, which increases your winning odds significantly.  

As a beginner, your best option is to wager on even bets. These are:

  • Black/Red
  • Odd/Even.


These wagers give you a winning odd of 48.65%. As you progress, you can start betting on rows and columns. Whatever you do, try to avoid putting bets on individual numbers. The best strategy as you move forward is to use the martingale betting system. 

This strategy is the most popular because it is easy to remember. To start, determine the unit of your bet, like $1 per bet. Take note that this only applies to even bets. 

Next, place a bet. If you won, place the same bet. If you lose, double your bet on the same spot. Now, if you won on this double bet, you already broke even. If you did not, you must double that last bet. If you won, go back to the first unit of your bet, which, in our example, is $1 per bet. 

Essentially, you want to bet and win. If you lose, you double the last losing bet. You keep doubling the last losing bet amount so you can recover what you lost and break even.

Video Poker: Jacks or Better

Jacks or Better is a popular video poker variant because the odds are better for the player than other poker variants. If you have at least a pair of jacks, you win. 

In this game, the dealer will give you five cards from which you must form the highest card combination or hand. 

The hands you can make are:

  • Two or three of a kind
  • Two pairs
  • Full house
  • Flush
  • Straight
  • Straight Flush
  • Royal Flush.

The good thing about this game is that the player has the option to hold the cards he wants to stay and then redraw for the other cards. So, you can even double your bet if you want. 

Since the game is straightforward, the best strategy to use is to keep good cards and discard the rest before requesting a draw. The aim of holding the cards is to keep the ones that you think can make a 5-hand card. 

For example, let us say you got:

  • A spade
  • K spade
  • 6 spade
  • 2 spade
  • J heart.

In this case, you must hold all the spades and then discard the heart. Once that heart is replaced, you may get another spade, and so you have a flush. 

You will certainly know if you are likely to get a 5-hand card. If not, the next best strategy is to keep the ones that constitute pairs. 

At best, you must choose a game that you enjoy. Next, study the best strategy to win. Stick with this strategy and understand the math of the game. Do not make the mistake of falling for emotional traps.

Bet small if you are new to the game, as this would help you minimise your losses. If you can, try to keep track of your bets, wins, and losses. Once you have a high win rate, that is the only time you must increase your wager. 

Photo by Sam Goh on Unsplash