The 2022 IBPA Awards

PHOTO: Cover of the 2022 Master Point Press IBPA Book of the Year

The 2022 IBPA Awards

The International Bridge Press Association (IBPA) is a world-wide bridge organization of more than 300 members in all corners of the world. Its main objective is to assist bridge journalists in their bridge related professional activities. The IBPA publishes a monthly online Bulletin, which consists of interesting deals involving some of the best players of the world, competing in key international tournaments. Members of the IBPA have access to this material. You can become a member on their website, click here. 

On the 10th December 2022, at their Annual General Meeting, the annual IBPA (International Bridge Press Association) Awards were announced.

The award-winners for this year were:

2022 IBPA Personalities of the Year: Anshul Bhatt (India) & Christian Lahrmann (Denmark)

The Alan Truscott Memorial Award: Marek Malysa (Poland)

2022 Master Point Press IBPA Book of the Year: Bridge with Another Perfect Partner by John Carruthers (Canada)

2022 Justin Lall Memorial Declarer Play of the Year: Terry Brown (Australia)

2022 Gidwani Family Trust Defence of the Year: Boye Brogeland (Norway)

2022 Yeh Bros. Best Bid Deal of the Year: Alex Gipson/Paul Gipson (Scotland)

2022 Richard Freeman Junior Deal of the Year: Ben Norton (England)

You can read the story on each of these awards in a PDF here –  2022 IBPA Awards International Bridge Press

The 2022 IBPA Awards Jury

Michael Byrne (England)
Jan van Cleeff (Netherlands)
Peter Fredin (Sweden)
Gilad Ofir (Israel)
Barry Rigal (USA)
Jian-Jian Wang (USA)
Marek Wojcicki (Poland)