Slingo – what is it, and how does it differ from bingo?

Slingo – what is it, and how does it differ from bingo?

In the United Kingdom, bingo is a very popular game. However, there is a bingo variant whose popularity has been soaring rapidly in recent years. This variant is named slingo, and it got that name because it’s a combination of the features of the conventional bingo game, and those of slots – both found on the best bingo sites. This could be described as the result of a combination of two of the most popular games out there. So, when these two most loved games come together, slingo was born.

Definition of Slingo

In slingo, the most popular variant of bingo, which is 75 ball bingo, and the most popular game in any online casino, which is slot machine, are fused together. This game is currently available in many online casinos out there, and it is very easy to play. It comes with a reel and a 5×5 grid. The 5×5 grid is from the bingo card, while the reel is from slots.

In the beginning, this game was not designed as the type that people could win cash from. But further down the line, the game gained more popularity, and things started changing just like it did in the case of other casino games. At this point the game’s developers realised that lovers of the online slingo game were longing to have it in a financially advantageous form, and they had to create such for them. If you love slot games or enjoy playing bingo, then slingo games are a very attractive alternative for you. This is because your knowledge of the two games will come handy in your move to slingo. The game comes with a lot of excitement and fun, but what is it that is entertaining about slingo?

How to Play Slingo

The gameplay is very simple, and you are already on the right track if you’ve played bingo or slots before. However, people that have not played slots and bingo before should also not worry about this game because it’s very easy to learn and play.

You start by spinning the slot-like reel found at the bottom of the screen. Each game comes with at least 20 spins, but you must confirm this before you start. When you spin the reel, numbers will show on the reel, and you have to check or mark off these numbers on the bingo style card in your hand. While this is on, you will need to cross off different types of numbers. This reveals why bingo and slot lovers cherish the game. It gives you the chance to enjoy attributes of both games, and the opportunity to exert more control. In some cases, your 20 spins may correspond to the 20 numbers on the card in your hands, and this may land you that huge win you’ve been looking for. While this result or outcome is rare, it is very possible.

How to Increase Your Chances of Landing a Win in Slingo

While your slingo card has 20 numbers, your utmost desire whenever you play the game should be to mark off as many as possible. This exercise could be nail biting sometimes, and your spins may just run out when you are on the verge of completing the marking off. What would be the next line of action if this happens?  You may have the chance to purchase extra spins. But this may cost you money – this is the reason that you check properly to see that it is the right decision to make. The option is mostly advised when you have just one number to complete a huge win. You can make this sacrifice if for instance you are to buy spins for £1, in pursuit of a £20 payout. However, you have to understand that purchasing these spins does not guarantee you winning, but it will place more winning chances in your hands.

You can also add more spins by choosing games that come with multipliers that will increase the number of points you can rack up. This will not just add more points score to you; it will also give you better access to larger wins. You can achieve this through mini games, power ups, and direct multipliers offered on most of the slingo websites.

Winning Slingo Games

Whenever you find yourself playing a slingo game on a casino website, the aim is normally very simple, even though you are enjoying slots and bingo games at the same time. The aim would always be to garner as many points as possible, and within the shortest possible time. There are many ways to accumulate these points and they are all dependent on the relationship between the bingo cards you have in your hands and the slots reel. All players are advised to be properly informed about the various ways and the amount of opportunities they have to win or to increase their chances of winning. This is because this information places them on the winning pedestal. Because of the variations in games and the different ways to win, people that have been playing slingo before but want to experiment with a new style or people that are trying out slingo on a new site, are all advised to learn and understand how to play before they delve in, because most of the games have subtle nuances.

There are some general rules in slingo games, presenting some common winning ways to players. The list below shows the general point score strategy in slingo games:

  • When you clear a line vertically, diagonally, or horizontally, its 200 points
  • When you clear a line vertically, diagonally or horizontally, its 1000 points
  • When a coin symbol appears, its 1000 points
  • 3 jokers in one spin equals 1000 points
  • 4 jokers in a single spin earns you 2,500 points
  • 5 jokers in a single spin earns you 10,000 points
  • Clear your card, and win 6,000 to 11,000 points


Photo by Ellen Qin on Unsplash