Scored it right: the 5 biggest casinos wins you won’t believe are true

Scored it right: the 5 biggest casinos wins you won’t believe are true

Have you ever thought about winning a million dollars at Royal Casino in the centre of Vegas? Well, duh, who hasn’t? Especially when the chances of winning are not so high, let’s say. That’s why even the smallest win becomes so precious. And we are talking big numbers here, my friend.

However, there are some people in this entire magical world, who actually lived the dream. Literally, they won the lottery. And in such ways that are so crazy, it deserves to be heard, seen and appreciated. So let’s do exactly that! Live the dream and hear these unbelievable stories out loud. For crying out loud, it was pretty intense out there!

Peter Hollan and his massive online payout

It could be an inspiring story. Peter was simply playing a pokie called Arabian Nights. He was simply playing a game on autopilot and then returned to the computer to learn he had won 14 million euros which.

Don Johnson

A lot can happen in 6 months. For Don, it was a win of $15 million in several casinos. And get fooled, if you think Don did this by cheating, well, we have to disappoint you. Johnson was a professional gambler, who studied blackjack odds and conducted a betting strategy which eventually led to such a win.

Double victory

A 76 years Second World War veteran Elmer Sherwin, hit a jackpot of 4.6 million dollars. And it happened ten hours after the opening of the Mirage Casino. And you know how they say, collect experiences, not things, and you’ll be the wealthiest person in the world. Well, Elmer got it all: the wealth and the trip around the world. You may think such luck happens only once. Sixteen years later, he hit the jackpot again. Only this time it was 21 million dollars. He helped the victims of Hurricane Katrina this time, rather than spending all the money on himself.

1 million francs in Monte Carlo

Charles Wells was a famous roulette player, who all his life dreamed of gaining wealth and popularity. He spent his every penny on roulette. In July 1891, the action took place in Monte Carlo. Wells immediately got addicted to gambling, so he borrowed money from the bank. The game lasted eleven hours. He hit the jackpot though. And he did it 12 times. The Casino was definitely not ready for such an event as they did not have enough chips to cover so many winnings. When he finally left the Casino, he had one million francs now in his pocket.

Monotonous winning and keeping the streak

Archie Karas is known to be the player who had the most extensive and longest documented winning streak. He started small and built his way up. Archie turned the starter investment of $50 into more than $40 million in only one year. He did so by continually winning pokies and blackjacks. However, Archie did not use one of the most critical rules in Casino: walking away after a big win. And the following year he lost it all.

$39.7 Million out from Excalibur

A lot of good stories start from a basketball game. This one is not an exception. In March 2003, an engineer from Los Angeles arrived in Vegas to support his beloved basketball club. As there was still sometime before the match, he decided to have fun at the famous Excalibur casino in Las Vegas. Everything escalated quickly then the youngster found himself enjoying the pokie machines games. He spent a total of $100, which would be a good time to stop, right? Well, this time it was a different story. When the faith was almost all lost, the “jackpot” popped up along with loud music. This was one of Vegas greatest wins, a $39,713 982.25. The winner decided he was to keep himself mysterious. Besides, the young guy also asked the Casino management to transfer roughly $1,500,000 to his account per year instead of cashing out everything he won at once.

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