Safety, tracking, and programming – behind online slot machines.

Safety, tracking, and programming – behind online slot machines.

By Alex J. Coyne © 2018 Great Bridge Links

Online slot machines are as popular as ever, and they might even overtake traditional slot machines in popularity soon with thousands of people choosing online slots as their gateway to gambling. But have you ever wondered just what goes on behind your PC screen when you place a bet and make a spin?

Here’s more information about the framework behind what makes online slot machines work. And if you’re looking for exciting slot games, have a browse through Offersville’s new slot sites where new games are reviewed and rated showing how much you can win and which casinos you can play at.

The First Online Slot Machines

The first slot machine to exist was known as the Liberty Bell, but according to, it’s Microgaming Software Systems who gets credit for creating the first online casino – and the first online slots.

Online Slot Machine Safety

The popularity of online slots relies on the safety of the user, and you’ll only visit an online casino where you’re completely sure your information is safe – but how is this done?

  • SSL Certification: Reputable online casinos will ensure that all information is transmitted through an encrypted connection that can’t be accessed by third-parties. If a website starts with https, it’s using the same encryption level as your bank – to see this, click the lock next to the site address.
  • User Agreements: User agreements are legally binding between a user and site, and this tells you everything you need to know about how the casino handles your information and your money.
  • Casino Registration: In many states and countries, online casinos have to be registered, and checking their certification info is always a good idea.
  • Penetration Testing: To see how safe their own website is, many casinos will use penetration testers, or legal hackers-for-hire who point out and fix digital vulnerabilities.

Random Number Generators

Random number generators, RNGs for short, are the lines of code that control the roll of the dice or the spinning of the reels. They’re used for many things other than online slots, including artificial intelligence and what moves computer opponents will make.

A lot of science goes into making sure that it’s truly random, and numbers are generated at several billion per second. ThoughtCo has a great article on the more technical inner-workings of random number generators – or you can see how it works by playing around with this RNG from MIT (User: PikmanDude).

There’s a lot of illegal information on how you can cheat random number generators – though the majority of experts and professional gamblers have called BS on most of it.

Slot Machine Programming

Slot machines are a lot of fun, and the first thing a company would have to do to set up an online slots system is to get in touch with the right software developers.

There are also many companies and programmers who allow you to set up a slot machine on your own website – many for free, and some for prizes. It’s great for a quick promotion, and you’d be surprised at the clicks you can get. See Pro Wager Systems, Lead Family and ALLJ Software.

Player Tracking

Player tracking is an essential for the success of a casino: It tells them the patterns and habits of their gamblers, and can be a huge help when it comes to making the gambling experience better.

According to Casino Technology: Player Tracking and Accounting Systems (2001), Alliance Gaming is credited for developing some of the first software to track the habits and spending of players in casinos.

Website of developer John Acres tells the story of how real player tracking came to be. During a 1983 visit to Sun City, South Africa, John was surprised to be given a card as a key into his room – and at home back in the US, he toyed with the idea of cards that could store more than just room information: What if cards could track player information?

He immediately dismantled his nearest Speak ‘n Spell based on a revolution about the low cost of the display and what makes it work – and player tracking was born.

Many companies create this software for casinos, but spending and habit tracking software is also available for players – Gambling Tracker and Slot Tracker are two great options for knowing how much you’re playing, spending, winning and losing online.


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