Online Card Gadgets

Online Card Gadgets

By Alex J. Coyne (c) 2017 for Great Bridge Links

We love gadgets – especially card gadgets. So we’ve taken a look at the world wide web and collected some of the coolest online card gadgets that you can open in your browser and have some fun with. Let us know if you’ve spotted or designed any cool card gadgets we might have missed and we might include them in our next gadget-roundup.  Have fun!

Virtual Tarot Table

Here’s a virtual card table to start off the list. This one is from Bertrand Tarot, and you might’ve guessed by now that it’s specifically for virtual tarot cards. Learn more about spreads, or play a game of the original French Tarot. Read the rules of the card game of Tarot at Pagat.

Bridge Scorer Calculator (not currently available)

Love games but hate calculations on paper or in your head? Don’t worry: You’re not alone. Here’s an in-browser bridge score calculator from Sky Bridge Club you should keep bookmarked for when you need it in a hurry.

Virtual HTML Deck of Cards

Virtual card deck that allows you to play around with a deck in your browser – flip, shuffle, move them around. Very simplistic, but can keep you busy for a while.

Playing Cards Virtual Card Table

A “Multiplayer virtual card table” that lets you create a room and invite friends to play several tabletop games including Cards Against Humanity and Checkers. You can also use their virtual card deck (to be found here) to create a literal virtual card room for friends in which you can see moves in real-time and have your own hand hidden from other players. Useful!


OCTN is, according to its website description, a “virtual table top with an integrated player lobby and chat system that supports custom card and board games”. Log in, check it out, go nuts and invite your friends.

Random Lists: Draw Cards

Like having fun with probabilities? Randomlists has a card generator that allows you to select the amount of cards it throws out and the amount of decks it picks from. This is particularly useful as a memory game if you were wondering what on earth you could use this for.

Here’s another random playing card sequence generator, a little more intricate than the last one. According to the description, this one’s randomness is due to “atmospheric noise”.

Make Playing Cards

Make Playing Cards allows you to create your own card decks online – and, if you want, you can have them printed to use in your next big card game (or as the coolest gift you can possibly give a card player).


Want to create your own TCG Entirely? Then check out Dulst, an online platform built with the purpose of letting users create their own TCGs from the ground up.

Virtual Play Table for Magic: The Gathering

If you’re into Magic: The Gathering, here’s a virtual card table designed specifically for the most popular TCG out there.

Card Game Widgets

If you have a website – or busy desktop – you might enjoy some of these online card widgets. Usually, all you have to do is drag and drop – or copy the source code into your website or desktop.