Bridge Announcements for 2018

Bridge Announcements for 2018

By Alex J. Coyne © 2017 Great Bridge Links

We’re looking forward to a great year in the world of bridge: New games to be played, fresh tournaments ahead and many events on the way – already scheduled for 2018. Here’s our rundown of bridge announcements and news for 2018 so you can start planning your bridge playing schedule ahead of time.


Before we dig in, here’s a good list of bridge-related news sites around the world – you can also find these on our home page at

ACBL BridgeFeed Newspage –

WBF World Bridge News and links.

WBF Youth World Bridge News for Youth and Junior players.

Europe The European Bridge League has a reasonable Headlines page

Bridge Winners Bridge News through articles posted by players around the world.

CSB News South American Bridge Confedration Newspage.

Neapolitan Club Online Bridge Magazine.

American Contract Bridge League (ACBL) Events

The American Contract Bridge League is the official representative for contract bridge players in the US, and they already have most of their schedule for 2018 lined up. Here’s what to keep an eye on…

The 2018 ACBL Election Results can be found on their website.

The ACBL Regionals at Sea has the 2018 schedule available for viewing here.

Upcoming NABCs for the ACBL as a whole can be found at their website. ACBL Youth NABC details for 2018 are listed here.

The 2018 Bermuda Bridge Regional Tournament information can be downloaded here.

World Bridge Federation (WBF) Events

The World Bridge Federation (WBF) has their schedule neatly planned out for 2018, and we’d say so should you! Keep an eye on these links from the WBF… (And one all the way from Hong Kong.) lists the World Wide Bridge Contest schedule for 2018 on their website.

The World Bridge Federation’s events directory for 2018 is also available on their website.

The Hong Kong Contract Bridge Association is officially opening their new clubhouse in January 2018. We’re wishing them the best of luck! (We also have no doubt that there are possibly thousands of club openings all over the world that we’re overlooking here – feel free to mention and list it in the comments!)

English Bridge Union (EBU) Events

The English Bridge Union’s events for 2018 can be found at these here links…

The English Bridge Union’s events calendar can be found at their website, already listing events for 2018.

The English Bridge Union lists their details for the their 2018 Summer Meeting – held in August. Calendars for the 2018 EBU Schedule can be found here, and their listing of competitions can be found over here.

Watch the EBU’s Diary Changes page for any last-minute changes to events.

EBU events for “less experienced players” are listed here.

Bridge Cruises and Holidays for 2018

Planning a bridge cruise or holiday? For experienced or beginner players, here are the 2018 cruise listings from all over the internet.

Larry Cohen’s Bridge Cruises are scheduled and listed for 2018 and available here.

Bridge instructor Barbara Seagram lists her cruise schedule on her website.

Oceania Cruises lists their cruise schedule for 2018 on their website.

Audrey Grant’s Better Bridge has a handy cruise schedule already worked out for 2018 available here.

Bridge Holidays also happens to have their cruise schedule worked out and available on their website.


Not enough links for you yet? Here are a couple more. Share your events and links for 2018 in the comments section below this article or send them directly to us – we love hearing from readers, players and, of course, fans!

Great Bridge Links Tournament Trail – our tournament listings are updated at least once a month, often more frequently.

Master Point Press, one of the world’s leading bridge publishers, has their 2017/2018 publishing catalog available for download in .pdf.

The Bridge World’s “Recent Titles” lists a couple of brand new bridge releases in 2017 and 2018. Keep a space or two open on your bookshelf for these!