Game Reviews: Three board games that you have to try

Game Reviews: Three board games that you have to try

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We all know the classical board games such asScrabble, Cranium or Settlers – and we have all tried them. But sometimes a little bit of change is needed. So if you are maybe a bit tired of always playing the same old game of Chess or Monopoly, or if you need something different to play than your usual game of Rizk casino, then this is the right article for you. Because right below this section we shall review three of our favorite board games and give you plenty of reasons for wanting to try them out yourself.

For adults: Cards against humanity

This is not the typical or classical board game – and it doesn’t even have a board included in the game. But what it does have is cards, which makes it a kind of board game like uno or regular playing cards. In brief, the game Cards Against Humanity is all about creating funny sentences by using the quotes on your own cards to complete the sentences of the card that is drawn. The company behind the game calls it “the party game for horrible people”. Not to say that the game is horrible – but you might feel kind of awkward playing it because of the adult undertones. Even so, the game is super entertaining for adults of all ages. 

Family board game: Speak Out

Speak Out is also referred to as the “ridiculous mouthpiece challenge game” because it – briefly stated – is about speaking with a large, plastic mouthpiece in your mouth. This would be the perfect game for the board game-loving family because it will bring tremendous amounts of joy and laughter to all family members. The team members gain points by trying to speak out different – more or less difficult words and phrases – while wearing the mouthpiece which makes it hard, if not impossible, to pronounce words properly. But a team will only gain points by guessing the word or phrase correctly – within the time frame that the timer states. Prepare to dry your eyes from laughing in this game.

The classic: Sequence

Sequence of course has to be mentioned here. Although we categorise it as a classic, a lot of people actually do not know this gave – even though it is one of the most popular abstract strategy board games of all time. It is kind of a mixture of a board game and a card game but also including casino chips and the goal is to get five in a row – so you might say it contains the best of elements from poker, card games, board games and tic tac toe.

Photo by Robert Coelho on Unsplash