Bridge in Fiction

Bridge in Fiction

By Alex J. Coyne (c) Great Bridge Links

We love the game of bridge so much that we thought we’d take a closer look at bridge in fiction: That’s the best short stories, books, TV shows and movies where bridge gets a brief mention or even forms part of the entire plot. Where have you spotted a reference to bridge in your favourite show, movie, book or video game?

Murder at the Bridge Table

Murder at the Bridge Table is written by Matthew Granovetter and its reviews promise that it’s one of the most interesting (if weirdest) books about bridge out there. Murder at the Bridge Table is out of print now, but you’re still able to pick up used copies from Amazon for cheaply. The book blends storytelling and real-life bridge instruction, so it’s even useful to readers who are looking to improve their game!

I Shot My Bridge Partner

I Shot My Bridge Partner is the second novel by author and bridge-player Matthew Granovetter, according to the Amazon description the third book in the Bridge Mystery Trilogy by the same author; again, we’ve got a solid murder mystery that’s worth checking out. Wow, one would think a lot of people die playing cards, then…

The Bridge Team Murders

If you’d like to dive first into Matthew Granovetter’s work, check out the third in the Bridge Mystery series entitled The Bridge Team Murders: Again, you might have to opt for a used paperback from Amazon as this one may or may not be out of print at this point, but it’s worth it!

Cards on the Table

Agatha Christie is an ever-popular author amongst mystery fans – and she was an avid bridge player herself! “Cards on the Table” is centered around a bridge game where, of course, anyone could have been a possible suspect! If you love murder mysteries (especially old-fashioned whodunit tales) and the game of bridge, you should dive right into this one.

The Bridge Club Mysteries

The Bridge Club Mystery series comes to us thanks to author Honor Hartman and there are several books in this series for the really avid readers among us. The first in the series of popular books can be found here and is entitled On the Slam. The series also includes The Unkindest Cut, the second in the series.

Pemberton Bridge Club Mysteries

Hey, what is it about bridge that most stories turn into a murder mystery? Hey, it must be the suspense around the table…  The Pemberton Bridge Club Mysteries happen to be well-known and have seen several books in the series including Shades of Grey and Deadly EndPlay, which you can purchase either through Amazon or straight from BridgeWorld.

Death in Duplicate

Okay, okay, we’ll add one more murder mystery just because it caught our eye: Death in Duplicate by author Carole Coplea takes the reader into the middle of the local university’s bridge club to get to the bottom of an unsolved murder. This one came to us through Bridge Winners; click here to be taken to their list of bridge fiction books for sale and get reading!

Sherlock Holmes – Bridge Detective

When I was first learning the game in the 1970s, a series of books called Sherlock Holmes – Bridge Detective by Frnk Thomas, were all the rage. I loved how the Holmes mysteries were woven amongst bridge hands! As Amazon describes it: “Sherlock Holmes stories are intermingled with interesting and instructive bridge hands in matches pitting Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson against Harry Skurry and Betty Castle. ”  This link will take you to a reprint, 2007.