Free & Low-Stakes Bridge Tournaments

Free & Low-Stakes Bridge Tournaments

by Alex J Coyne © 2017 Great Bridge Links

The 10, 000 hour theory says that you’ll need at least 10, 000 hours of ‘deliberate practice’ to become an expert in your field. What better place to prepare for an upcoming bridge tournament than online? Alex has found us some free and low-stakes online tournaments down below. Better get started!

Playing for Money


Bridge Base Inc. was started up in 1990, and they’ve got an excellent reputation for their bridge tournaments. Join up and find out more about the Money Bridge option that allows you to participate in games and tournaments for cash. (They also offer free tournaments for practice, which makes this worth being included on both ends of this list.)


Bridge Big offers around the clock bridge tournaments and constantly running games for cash. Their cash games have various options so players can start small, go big or play for free. The website’s chosen currency is Euro’s, but they accept players the world over. Deposits can be done through credit card or PayPal, and cash outs directly to players’ bank or PayPal accounts. The FAQ is over here (not currently available).

Free Tournaments

Sign up for some of these free tournaments and take some of the pressure off.


Bridge Club Live is a UK-based online bridge operator, and as the site says, they’ve been in the game for seventeen years. While the tournaments and coaching offered on the site are free, you have to purchase a membership: Thirty days, or a full year. Whether you want to do that or move onto the next one on the list is up to you.


Their website calls Swan Games “the world’s friendliest online bridge club”, and their daily tournaments and games are for free. They’ve also got a selection of practice tables, a message board – and you can play for SWAN and ACBL Masterponits. You’ll have to download SWAN Games Bridge to your PC and sign up to start. (There’s currently a beta-version for tablets and browsers as well as an installation for Danish and Swedish!)


Bridge 4 Free promises an easy-to-use interface and sign up process: Sign up, download the app for iPhone or Android and sign up for any of their tournaments (held daily) . As far as we can tell, this is Bridge Club Live’s completely free counterpart. At the time of writing, there were 36 members online and playing, so you’re sure to find a game.

BRIDGE BIG (not currently available)

Bridge Big is mentioned here twice, because they offer both free and paid games, which they advertise as “cash games for free”.


Here’s a fun one if you want to take your bridge tournament practice offline instead. Book a stay at the Sunway hotels and you’ll be able to participate in their bridge tournaments at no charge! It’s a great excuse to book a holiday in the city of Sitges (Barcelona). Pack the cards!


7Sultans Online Casino  offers mobile slots (not currently available) for real money play and sweetens the pot with a welcome bonus and free spins.