Casino Inc: overview of the popular simulator of 2015

Casino Inc: overview of the popular simulator of 2015

Sometimes you want to feel like the manager of a profitable company or an authority that has an impact on people. If life achievements do not allow you to feel it, you should try PS games. For example, the development of the Konami studio on called Casino Inc, which will definitely not let you get bored. This is one of the popular simulators from 2015.

Scenarios in the game Casino Inc

The main storyline takes place in the 1970s. Players are invited to try on one of the roles. So, you can try yourself as a successful businessman. Take a dominant position in the gambling entertainment market. Build your own casino and beat the competition. You can independently come up with various shows, promotions, etc.

In addition to the casino itself, the player can gradually create a secondary infrastructure. It includes restaurants, entertainment establishments. Invest your money in burgers, cinemas, thinking over an interesting poster. With Casino Inc you can create a real corporation. This requires a strategy as well as a smart investment of money.

On the other hand, building a business empire may not always be fair. If you want to feel like a criminal and powerful boss, then this is possible. The game offers to cooperate with various factions and gangs. Build connections, improve your credibility. This will help build a business, albeit a shadow one. This path involves many pitfalls.

Gameplay Features

Simulator Casino Inc can hardly be compared with any other game. On the contrary, everything here is so detailed that you feel like you are immersed in a virtual world. The artificial intelligence used in the engine is adapted to different events. Whatever you do, it will definitely cause some kind of reaction. Among the advantages of the simulator are:

  • Large selection of locations. You choose from one building and gradually, while business is going well, the business grows more. It has new locations, new places. You literally take over the city.
  • The intelligent game system will not let you feel monotonous. Depending on who you hire in the team, the further development of the corporation will depend. There may be riots.
  • If you want to add action, then hire killers, remove competitors you don’t like. But be careful. You can also order in Casino Inc. This is not very pleasant, so be smarter than your rivals.

You will soon realize that it is very difficult to break out of the game. The process is literally addictive, taking many hours, days. However, the simulator is so exciting that you want to return to it every time. And as your corporation grows, more and more obligations are on your shoulders. So use your time wisely.

Gameplay and controls

If you’ve played The Sims before, you’ll quickly find your bearings in this game as well. There is something similar in scripts. However, as many gamers have noted, it is still easier to control characters in this simulator. All main control buttons are located on the screen. If you need to interact with people, then just click on them.

If you are playing from a laptop, then you should connect a mouse to it. It will be more difficult to cope without it. In any case, in some moments in Casino Inc, your quick reaction is very important. For example, if a robber appears, then it is necessary to react in a timely manner and call the bouncer. Coping with this with a regular touchpad is not very convenient, so the mouse will not be superfluous.

Game graphics

Unfortunately, players are in for a disappointment here. The simulator has rather tasteless graphics, which can upset fans of modern games. However, do not forget that the game was released a long time ago. Therefore, it is simply not necessary to rely on 3D or HD graphics. In general, images of characters and detailing of interior objects cannot be called realistic.

Sound accompaniment

What you can definitely congratulate and thank the developers for is the sound. Songs and tunes from the 1970s are constantly playing in the background. Also, all buttons and actions are accompanied by short signals. The speech of the characters in Casino Inc is also intelligible and slow, voiced soundly. Another good news: if someone in your casino breaks the rules, the system will notify you and even give you a name.

Is it worth playing at Casino Inc?

Perhaps the main question for many is whether the simulator deserves the attention of gamers. Of course, the game is an old and good classic that should not be ignored. Therefore, if you are going to play something long, then choose this simulator. Moreover, it can be customized as you like.

For example, if you want a long “quest”, then set up a game with a long script. As a result, you will spend months. You can also play fast mode. However, all the same, the game offers to continue playing after the expiration of the period, but without achieving any goals. If the terrible graphics do not scare you, then this simulator is definitely worth a try.

Photo by Jose Gil on Unsplash