Casino Games Explained

Casino Games Explained

By Alex J. Coyne © 2017 Great Bridge Links

Making your first trip to the casino? Here’s your guide to the games of the casino and our basic list of rules to make sure you have the best experience possible.

Casino 101

Budget your spending, especially for a first trip to the casino. Decide how much money you are taking along and how much you are willing to spend; know how far you are willing to stretch it beyond that, and know when to walk away from the game with your winnings.

Choose your game wisely; pick the ones you feel most comfortable playing and ideally have the most experience with. Build experience away from the casino floor first by playing your chosen game online, with clubs or casually with friends.

Table etiquette is essential. Respect the other players at the table, respect the casino and respect the dealer; the same, respect the rules of the game and the casino’s overall rules. Find out if there’s a particular dress code for the floor.

Loyalty programs are great for newcomers who would like to return to the casino at a later stage and can offer great loyalty rewards including free drinks, free spins and even free hotel stays. For more information on Loyalty Programs click here


The Machines

Slot Machines come in every possible shape, size and theme; some have low-payouts and some have high-payouts.

Video Poker is simple and down to picking a winning hand from the cards selected by the computerized dealer.

Video Blackjack is much the same, with the goal the same as real-life table blackjack: Get to twenty-one.

Coin Dozer variations are sometimes seen in casino’s, and they’re great for recapturing that old-school arcade feel.


The Tables

Roulette is French for little wheel, and has a table on which bets are placed, a wheel that’s spun and a ball which lands on a subsequent number with corresponding color. At its simplest, that’s what you need to know about Roulette – there are more nuances and more options but simple even, odd, red or black; play with these combinations as you learn.

Craps is a game played with die – okay, die, if we have to be correct about it. Bets are placed on where and how they will end up. Yes, you can almost compare it to roulette with a pair of dice.

Poker is all about the player with the winning hand and you’ll see various forms of it on the casino floor, including Texas Hold ‘Em, Seven Card Stud or Five Card Draw among many others.

Baccarat can almost be called one of the simplest card games out there with only three possible bets: Player (Punto), Banker (Banco) or Tie.

Blackjack gives players the option to split, double, hit or stand; simply, the goal is to reach 21 or beat the dealer’s hand – anything over 21 and you (or the dealer) goes bust.

Bridge is a trick-taking card game for partnered players.


Casino Guides

Throughout Great Bridge Links, you will find links to Casino Guides. These are websites that review and link to the various online casinos on the internet today. On our home page, you will find At The Casino which is our most comprehensive listing. One of our links is to which offers a casino guide lising in Norwegian. Norsk Casino Guide has tested over 500 different venues and written about more than 150 different games. News, articles, rules and tips about gambling and casino games can be found on the site. If you open it in Chrome, Google will translate the site into whatever language you want.