Are The WSOP Fields Tougher This Year?

Are The WSOP Fields Tougher This Year?

It is safe to say that everyone knew that the WSOP would be very different in a lot of ways. People knew that it would be different to previous years too. European players have not been able to make it to Vegas recently and without players like this, it is safe to say that a lot of people are wondering if the competition is going to be tougher or softer this year. The only sure-fire way to give this question and answer would be to find the opinion of those who happen to chase bracelets. Allen Kessler who gave a statement regarding the WSOP has stated that this series is going to be the hardest one yet. The fields are tougher as everyone predicted, and people have a theory that the players who are competing now tend to be more “fish” types of players.

Mike Matusow

The WSOP happens to be sponsored by GGPoker this year and a lot of people are curious about the total outcome of some events. Mike Matusow has said that his take on the issue is very different. The four-time bracelet winner has said that nothing has changed and that when you look at the issue when compared to previous years, everything is the same as it ever was. Shaun Deeb and the famous Robert Mizrachi have four bracelets each. They have partnered with poker events of nearly every buy-in level, and they have both agreed between them that the fields are way softer for a lot of reasons. Europeans and a lot of poker players have not been able to make it this year. Americans have been the fish in the poker game for quite some time.

Are they Softer?

Deeb has reported saying that they are certainly softer and the fact that there are no Europeans this year really just goes to show that the times are changing. Americans have been the fish in poker for a very long time. Deeb is an expert when it comes to the WSOP, and he chooses to compete in a lot of different events. He plays as much as anyone, and he has four bracelets plus the Player of the Year award. Mizrachi falls with Deeb on the issue. He feels like the issue comes down to the lack of international players and that there are less players overall. The Australian players are fantastic, but they have not been able to partake for the most part either. Their opinion wasn’t the consensus though. Ami Alibay has come out saying that they have the opposite take. They have said that the fields are tougher because there are not any international players. Alibay has stated that a lot of the players are now American and the issue is that they are the second-best players in the world. All in all, it is very clear that the players are not able to come to a consensus regarding how hard the WSOP is when compared to previous years. One way to try and answer this question would be for you to look at the results and then compare them to how people played in previous years.

If you look at Phil Hellmuth for example, it is very easy to see. He is 57 years of age, and he is currently on his best start ever. He has a bracelet and he has a total of five appearances at the final tables. That could show that the tables are indeed softer, but who knows? Only time will tell, so it is important to keep this in mind.


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