5 Popular Online Casino Card Games

5 Popular Online Casino Card Games

Card games are the oldest casino games be it offline or online and everybody loves them. Now with so much variety online, players often feel confused about which games to choose and which to leave. But do you know there are some really popular card games found in almost all online casinos? And the best part is that they are all super easy and fun to play once you know the rules. So, keep reading further as we discuss the best online casino card games available on the internet!

5 Easy Online Casino Card Games

5 Popular Online Casino Card Games

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1.     Baccarat

This online casino card game may seem difficult, however, it is quite the opposite. In Baccarat, the dealer has 2 cards and allows the players to bet either on themselves or the dealer for winning. The aim is to achieve a total of nine or numbers close to it. However, if this total is not achieved, the players can even draw another card. There are numerous online casinos that have high-stakes variations of baccarat which are quite rewarding if you bet and win it.

2.     Blackjack

Another famous option is Blackjack. This is considered to be the easiest of all card games. All you have to do is beat the dealer by reaching for a hand value closer to 21 with no chance of getting busted (getting higher than 21). Thus, just learn about the strategies of blackjack and you are good to go. This game proffers a good payout too but only by using the learned strategies that help,.,m in decreasing the house advantage lower than 0.5%.

3.     Poker

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Poker is a classic card game in which the players tend to grab the best hand from the 2 private as well as 5 community cards. Even if you don’t have the best, you need to make all the players believe that you certainly have the best card. This convincing skill can help you bluff them and win decent payouts in no time. Poker is so famous online that some countries have their national online poker tournaments as well. While there are a lot of online poker variations, mastering the skills is more important to get the lucrative payouts in your favor.

4.     Draw Poker

It is a famous variant in which the players are required to reach a 5-card hand that is best among the competitors. While the game doesn’t have any community cards and all players have a single opportunity for drawing new cards, it is on them to grab the best hand and convince everyone that they are winning. Once you become a pro, you can even participate in tournaments for amazing rewards.

5.     Video Poker

Video poker has ruled the internet for a long time. With simple game rules, the players deal with 5 cards to reach for the best hand. The one with the strongest hand wins the game. If you opt for progressive video poker games, you can easily have good odds of winning excellent rewards. There are a plethora of variants in this game as well.

Some Last Words

You now know about every popular card game present in online casinos. It is time to go to a reliable online casino and try your hands on these casino games. Don’t forget to learn about the rules and some free practice rounds before you try your hand at winning big jackpots.

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