Get Your Trump Markers Here

Get Your Trump Markers Here

By Alex J. Coyne © 2017 for Great Bridge Links

Trump indicators (also called suit indicators or markers) are used in bridge games to mark the game’s trump suit. How many do you own so far? It turns out that many people collect trump markers – hey, collectors of trump indicators have even gotten some media attention, like in this here Chron article.

Are you a collector yet? Check out some of these …

The Joan Schepps Collection of Trump Indicators

The Joan Schepps Collection of Trump Indicators is the largest collection of its sort in the United States, currently under care of the Foundation for the Preservation and Advancement of Bridge (FPAB). It contains more than 650 pieces, including some made from porcelain, Bakelite and even silver, and can be seen at the ACBL Museum in Memphis.

The American Museum of Natural History: Tiny Dancer

There’s even a trump indicator part of a collection at the American Museum of Natural History, made in the 1920’s; it’s made from celluloid (as imitation ivory) and shows a (well…) tiny dancer whose leg playfully points to the suit – and, quite impressively, once it gets to spades.

Peter Dunn’s Bridge Ephemera

No exploration of bridge collectibles and ephemera is complete without a visit to Peter Dunn’s website. So many wonderful trump indicators (and lots of other stuff too). You can purchase directly from Peter using PayPal or a credit card.


DonayGames lists a beautiful vintage piece dating from 1952 with a globe showing trump. What makes it especially cool is the unique marking ER, pointing to the fact that it was made for the inauguration of Queen Elizabeth II in that year.

Ruby Lane: 1920s Piece

Okay, if you really love vintage cards and accessories, then check out this one from Ruby Lane – simple but beautiful, and apparently dating from more or less the 1920s. It’s a classic ‘flip style market’ with the suit markers, made from celluloid plastic, hanging on a brass stand.

Vintage-Style, Modern Times?

Can’t afford to blow big money on a vintage piece? You’re in luck: Card Playing World has this own small and portable ‘vintage style’ trump indicator – nothing fancy and much like a dice, you can easily throw it in your pocket and take it along for your next bridge game. Not bad at just $8.99, produced by Newt’s Games & Puzzles and painted by hand. While you’re there, check out the Ladies Rule marker, quite unique!

Liverbird Bridge Trump Indicator

You can also pick up this Liverbird-branded trump indicator from Amazon – 10cm, going for $31.99. In short, it looks a bit like a wheel of fortune (or a clock), and you can move the arrows to mark the number and suit.

Back Scratcher World (Jumbo)

The website for Back Scratcher World lists this one as “gigantic” – which is apparently 2” – and is made from maple hardwood and engraved; they even come with a gift pouch, and will only set you back $19.99. (Yes, for the record, Back Scratcher World does also sell actual back scratchers and “other back products” like sponges and lotions – hey, they’re passionate about backs and bridge, what can we say?)

Online Trump Indicators

You don’t necessarily have to carry one around with you, either. Thanks to the internet, now you can choose from a couple of online trump indicators to download, too. Try Epic Hamster’s Bridge Trump Indicator or Bridge Trump Indicator from the Apple Store.