10 Best Easy and Quick Food You Can Serve for Your Next Games Night

10 Best Easy and Quick Food You Can Serve for Your Next Games Night

A lot of us enjoy hosting parties, whether they are games nights, birthday parties, or any other occasion. There’re drinks, games, and above all tasty food, what’s there not to like. We all have been in a position where we wanted to serve our guests with tasty food but with much less effort. 

Let’s face it, just because you spend hours in the kitchen trying to make something absolutely delicious, and you are not guaranteed flavor. However, with these 10 easy and quick recipes, not only would you be working less, you would be putting a big smile on the face of your party guests. 

Considering you are having a games night, you would not want to make something messy either. All that effort in the kitchen only for someone to eat it and then destroy your precious cards is no fun. 

 Another important benefit of knowing quick and easy to make foods is that you can make them even during parties. Depending on how long your party goes, you should be ready to make and serve some snacks when needed. 

Let us look at 10 of these absolutely delicious, quick, and easy food you should serve at your next games night. 

Stir-Fried Chili Chicken 

No party should ever be continued without some spicy chili chicken. This Oriental dish is quick, easy, and extremely tasty. It is also perfect for your games night since it’s not a messy dish. From a prep time of just 10 mins, you really need around 35-40 minutes to make the whole thing. 

Made with boneless (or bone) pieces of chicken fried in oriental sauces with bell pepper, garlic, and onion, it’s a dish that is quite convenient and worth a try.  


Regular tacos can be quite messy and can take a lot of time to make if you have a lot of people coming over. However, you can make mini taco Bites to avoid the mess and make uber delicious tacos. 

You can use any chip, nacho, or crunchy snack to fill it with ground meat, veggies, and spicy salsa. The total time to make these mini treats is mere 10-15 minutes. 

Potato Wedges 

Everyone loves a flavourful potato wedge. Not only is it a fulfilling snack, but it is also quite easy to make. Whether you bake them or fry them, you would not be spending more than 35 mins of your time making these delicious treats. 


Now whether you decide to use fresh meat or frozen meatballs, mini meatballs dipped in a tasty dip of your choice are great as quick bites. Easy to make, bake them or fry them (You can even use an air-fryer to be on the healthy side), and they would still be one of the highlights of your party. 

Deviled Eggs 

One of the most popular party snacks, Deviled eggs are ridiculously tasty and quite easy to make. While it might look like a complex thing to make, deviled eggs can be prepared by anyone with basic kitchen knowledge.  

All you need to do is blend the yolk of a hard-boiled egg with whatever filling you like (Or just simple herb seasoning) and then just fill the eggs again. Voila, you are done. The whole process can take 15-20 minutes max. 

Fruit Salad/Chicken Salad 

Salads were never a party recipe. But ever since healthy eating habits became popular, people just love these things. They are simple, and you can literally keep munching on them. Whether you decide to use chicken or fruits, remember to season the salad well and be prepared with a salad dip of your choice as well. The whole preparation is just 10-15 minutes and is best served fresh. 

Cheese Stuffed Mushroom 

Cheese Stuffed Mushroom is another quick and tasty recipe that will be a big hit at your party. Simply get medium to big size button mushrooms and then stuff them by removing the stem and then bake or fry them. Again air frying is an option. You could season it with a variety of things like garlic butter, sauces, or a variety of herbs. The maximum cooking time is 20-25 minutes. 

Pigs in a Blanket  

A traditional Snack that has become quite popular among a lot of people recently is pigs in a blanket. Kids love them, parents love them, everyone loves them. You just need to prepare them before your party and then bake them just before it starts. A fulfilling dish that should not take more than 15-20 minutes. 

A simple Mac & Cheese 

Making Mac and cheese is perhaps one of the easiest things to do. However, it is recommended you make it at home in order to woo your party people. For convenience, you can simply season the frozen or ready-made mac and cheese. 

Cheese Sticks 

Cheese Sticks are again a standard party snack that you can freeze and keep ready for whenever you want. Mozzarella is the preferred cheese for this recipe, however, you are free to experiment. Preparation hardly takes 5-10 minutes, while cooking will take another 10-15 mins.  Within 30 minutes, your guests would be treated to hot cheese sticks melting in their mouths. 


Party food should be quick, tasty, and easy to make. These 10 recipes will definitely allow you to make the most out of your games night. Have a good and enjoyable time hosting your games night.  

As a bonus tip: you can even try a homemade escape room to alleviate your card parties to the next level. 

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