Bridge Tournaments: updated monthly

What is Duplicate Bridge? Duplicate bridge is the most widely used variation of contract bridge in club and tournament play. It is called duplicate because the same bridge deal (i.e. the specific arrangement of the 52 cards into the four hands) is played at each table and scoring is based on how well you did on the hand as compared to everyone else who played it.

In contract bridge a tournament is composed of multiple “events”. Some may be single-elimination, double-elimination, or Swiss style. However, “Pair events” are the most widespread. Similar to all duplicate bridge events, a number of deals (or boards) are each played several times by different players.

For each such board the score achieved by each North-South (NS) pair is then measured against all the other NS pairs playing the same board. Thus pairs are rewarded for playing the same cards better than others have played them. There is a predetermined schedule of fixtures depending on the number of pairs and boards to be played, to ensure a good mix of opponents, and that no pair plays the same board or the same opponents twice. (Source: Wikipedia)

Many of the listings on this page are found in the International Bridge Press Association Bulletin. Editor John Carruthers produces a well-researched and useful bridge calendar. To send links or corrections contact JudeLast updated April 11 2018


Jan 10-21 Summer Festival of Bridge Canberra, Australia
Jan 25-28 Winter in Vienna Vienna, Austria
Jan 27-Feb 2 59th Bermuda Regional Southampton, Bermuda

Feb 11-18 27th Sun, Sea & Slams Christ Church, Barbados, W.I.
Feb 14-18 Commonwealth Nations Championships Broadbeach, Australia
Feb 16-24 57th Gold Coast Congress Broadbeach, Australia
Feb 17-23 2nd European Winter Games Monte Carlo, Monaco
Feb 23-25 International Festival Cannes, France
Feb 24-25 Lederer Memorial Trophy London, England
Feb 27-Mar 4 San Miguel Allende Regional San Miguel Allende, Mexico

Mar 8-18 Spring NABC Philadelphia, PA
Mar 11-18 Dead Sea Bridge Festival Ein Bokek, Israel
Mar 16-18 Swiss Open Zurich, Switzerland
Mar 16-18 th 48 Kitzbuhl Bridge Days Kitzbuhl, Austrai
Mar 22-25 Tasmanian Festival of Bridge Launceston, Tasmania, Australia
Mar 25-30 White House Junior Invitatiobnal Teams Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Mar 27-Apr 1 123rd Toronto Easter Regional Toronto, ON
Mar 28-Apr 1 Nordic Junior Pairs Championship Falkenberg, Sweden

Apr 1-10 Asia Cup Dhaka, Bangladesh
Apr 9-15 WBF Online women’s Festival BBO
Apr 13-20 22nd APBF YOuth Championships Jakarta Indonesia
Apr 19-22 XIX President’s Cup Starachowice, Poland
Apr 25-29 5th Palace Cup Warsaw, Poland
Apr 26-30 Australian Autumn Nationals Adelaide, Australia
Apr 27-May 4 South African National Congress Cape Town, South Africa
Apr 27-May 6 Lambourne Jersey Festival Jersey, Channel Is.
Apr 27-May 6 International Festival Juan-les-Pins, France

May 3-7 Autumn Nationals Adelaide, Australia
May 4-8 Schapiro Spring Foursomes Stratford-upon-Avon, England
May 4-13 International Festival Juan0les-Pins, France
May 5-7 German Bridge Team Trophy Berlin, Germany
May 10 38th Bonn Cup Bad Godeburg, Germany
May 10-23 68th South American Championships Bahia, Brazil
May 11-20 United States Bridge Championship Houston, TX
May 14-18 23rd Barrier Reef Congress Townsville, Qld., Australia
May 19-28 30th International Festival Porto-Vecchio, Corsica, France
May 19-27 Turkish Summer Open Championships Kusadasi, Turkey
May 26-Jun 3 Canadian Bridge Week,Montréal, QC

Jun 1-3 st 31 OECS bridge Tournament Fort de France, Martinique
Jun 4-10 3rd Asia Cup Goa, India
Jun 6-16 54th European Team Championships Ostend, Belgium
Jun 9 Città di Roma Trophy Rome, Italy
Jun 9-17 20th German Bridge Festival Wyk-auf-Föhr, Germany
Jun 19-Jul 1 36th International Bridge Festival Albena, Bulgaria
Jun 22-28 52nd International Festival Tel-Aviv, Israel
Jun 29-Jul 1 Marit Sveas IBT Oslo, Norway
Jun 29-Jul 10 Biarritz International Festival Biarritz, France

Jul 1-5 Yeh Bros. Cup Beijing, China
Jul 7-12 International Festival Ajaccio, Corsica, France
Jul 13-15 Batam International Batam, Indonesia
Jul 18-26 60th International Festival Deauville, France
Jul 26-Aug 5 Summer NABC Atlanta, GA
Jul 27-Aug 5 24th Swedish Bridge Festival Õrebro, Sweden
Jul 29-Aug 3 Chairman’s Cup Õrebro, Sweden
Jul 28-Aug 9 Australian National Championships Hobart, Tasmania, Australia

Aug 3-7 Summer Festival Pairs London, England

Aug 9-14 16th HCL International New Delhi, India
Aug 3-12 Norsk Bridgefestival Drammen, Norway
Aug 3-7 Summer Festival Pairs London, England
Aug 8-18 17th World Youth Team Championships Suzhou, China
Aug 9-18 17th World Youth Team Championships Wu Jiang, China
Aug 9-14 16th HCL International Bridge Championship, Hotel JW Mariott, Aero City, New Delhi ** Note Date Change
Aug 15-19 12th Riga Invites to Jurmala,  Jurmala, Latvia.
Aug 15-19 Summer Festival Teams London, England 
Aug 18-Sep 2 18th Asian Games Jakarta, Indonesia
Aug 29-Sep 2 Territory Gold Bridge Festival Darwin, NT, Australia

Sep 7-16 Guernsey Congress Les Cotils, Guernsey, Channel Is.
Sep 8-16 57 International Festival th Pula, Croatia
Sep 22-Oct 6 11th World Bridge Series Orlando, FL
Sep 28-Oct 1 Canberra in Bloom Bridge Festival Canberra, ACT, Australia
Sep 29-Oct 6 New Zealand National Congress Hamilton, NZ

Oct 19-21 Vilnius Cup Vilnius, Lithuania
Oct 25-28 9th World University Championships Xuxhou, China

Nov 5-11 21st Madeira Bridge Festival, Madeira, Portugal
Nov 8-10 5th Marbella International Marbella, Costa del Sol, Spain
Nov 8-18 24th International Red Sea Festival Eilat, Israel
Nov 22-Dec 2 Fall NABC Honolulu, HI
Nov 28-Dec 2 3rd SEABF Championships Manila, Phippines
Dec 27-30 Year-End Congress, London, England