Bridge Tournaments: updated monthly

What is Duplicate Bridge? Duplicate bridge is the most widely used variation of contract bridge in club and tournament play. It is called duplicate because the same bridge deal (i.e. the specific arrangement of the 52 cards into the four hands) is played at each table and scoring is based on how well you did on the hand as compared to everyone else who played it.

In contract bridge a tournament is composed of multiple “events”. Some may be single-elimination, double-elimination, or Swiss style. However, “Pair events” are the most widespread. Similar to all duplicate bridge events, a number of deals (or boards) are each played several times by different players.

For each such board the score achieved by each North-South (NS) pair is then measured against all the other NS pairs playing the same board. Thus pairs are rewarded for playing the same cards better than others have played them. There is a predetermined schedule of fixtures depending on the number of pairs and boards to be played, to ensure a good mix of opponents, and that no pair plays the same board or the same opponents twice. (Source: Wikipedia)

Many of the listings on this page are found in the International Bridge Press Association Bulletin. Editor John Carruthers produces a well-researched and useful bridge calendar. To send links or corrections contact JudeLast updated June 11, 2019



Jan 7-16 78th International St. Moritz, Switzerland
Jan 9-20 Summer Festival of Bridge Canberra, ACT
Jan 24-17 Winter in Vienna Vienna, Austria
Jan 30-Feb 5 Greece Overseas Congress Athens, Greece
Jan 26-Feb 1 60th Bermuda Regional Southampton, Bermuda
Jan 31-Feb 3 Reykjavik Bridge Festival Reykjavik, Iceland


Feb 3-8 Cavendish VI, Monaco
Feb 11-16 28th Sun, Sea & Slams Christ Church, Barbados, W.I.
Feb 15-23 57th Gold Coast Congress Broadbeach, Australia
Feb 19-24 22nd Yokohama Bridge Festival Yokohama, Japan
Feb 22-28 1st European National Mixed Teams Lisbon, Portugal
Feb 23-26 32nd  Cairo International Bridge Festival Cairo, Egypt


Mar World UniversityOnline Champ’ship BBO
Mar 1-3 Camrose Trophy Coventry, England
Mar 8-10 Slava Cup Moscow, Russia
Mar 21-31 ACBL Spring NABC Memphis, TN
Mar 22-24 XVI Bania Cup Craiova, Romania
Mar 24-29 White House Junior International Amsterdam, Netherlands
Mar 30-Apr 3 Amazing Bridge Festival Bangkok, Thailand
Mar 28-31 Tasmanian Festival Sandy Bay, Tasmania, Australia
Mar 30-Apr 3 Amazing Bridge Festival Bangkok, Thailand


Apr 5-7 Swiss Open Zurich, Switzerland
Apr 5-11 23rd ABPF Youth Championships Bangkok, Thailand
Apr 9-13 Yeh Bros. Cup Shanghai, China
Apr 9-14 Venice Bridge Festival Lido, Venice, Italy
Apr 16-21 124th Easter Regional Toronto, ON
Apr 19-22 81st Galway Congress Galway, Ireland
Apr 24-28 Palace Cup Warsaw, Poland
Apr 26-28 10th German Bridge Team Trophy Berlin, Germany
Apr 26-May 5 Lambourne Festival Jersey, Channel Is.
Apr 30-May 1 57th May Day Tournament Pula, Croatia


May 2-5 52nd Tallin Bridge Festival Tallin, Estonia
May 3-7 Schapiro Spring Fours Stratford-upon-Avon, England
May 4-12 Canadian Bridge Championships Week, BC
May 10-19 USBF Open and Women’s Trials Schaumburg, IL
May 13-19 Sofia Bridge Festival Sofia, Bulgaria
May 14-20 USBF Women’s Trials Schaumburg, IL
May 17-25 CACBF Championships San Jose, Costa Rica
May 18-25 German Bridge Festival Wyk-auf-Für, Germany
May 22-29 USBF Mixed Trials Schaumburg, IL
May 23-26 White Nights Festival St. Petersburg, Russia
May 24-Jun 1 69th South American Bridge Festival Mar del Plata, Argentina
May 24-Jun 2 Juan-les-Pins Festival Antibes, France
May 29-Jun 6 USBF Senior Trials Schaumburg, IL
May 30 39th Bonn Cup Bad Godesburg, Germany
May 31-Jun 9 USBF Senior Trials Schaumburg, IL


Jun 1-5 9th  Tolani Summer Nationals Pune, India
Jun 11-20 52nd APBF Championships Singapore. Results
Jun 15-29 9th Open European Championships, Kusadasi, Turkey. Daily
Jun 21-27 32nd  Bridge Festival of Tunisia Hammamet, Tunisia
Jun 23-30 20th BFAME Championships Amman, Jordan. Website.
Jun 28-Jul 7 62nd Slawa Congress Slawa, Poland


Jul 2-13 International Summer Festival Biarritz, France
Jul 4-11 27th European Youth Team Champ’ships Oslo,Norway
Jul 5-7 11th Kuching Bridge Congress Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia
Jul 5-14 Dansk Bridgefestival Svendborg, Denmark
Jul 6-11 International Festival Ajaccio, Corsica, France
Jul 11-14 Czech Open Pardubice, Czech Republic
Jul 12-19 SABF Congress Durban, South Africa
Jul 13-15 Australian National Championships Melbourne, Austalia
Jul 16-21 Hong Kong Intercity Hong Kong, China
Jul 17-25 61st Deauville Festival Deauville, France www.festival-bridge-deauvillemondial-
Jul 18-28 ACBL Summer NABC Las Vegas, NV
Jul 19-28 Hanko Bridge Week Hannko, Finland
Jul 24-28 EUSAMindsport Championship Budapest, Hungary
Jul 26-28 PA Winter Tournament Port Alfred, South Africa
Jul 26-28 Dublin Summer Congress Dublin, Ireland
Jul 26-Aug 4 25th Swedish Bridge Festival Orebro, Sweden
Jul 27-Aug 1 Chairman’s Cup Orebro, Sweden
Jul 29-Aug 4 Viru Bridge Vösu, Estonia


Aug 1-4 1st Tomohon International Tomohon, N. Sulawesi, Indonesia
Aug 2-4 Pesta Sukan Bridge Tournament Singapore
Aug 2-10 Norwegian Bridge Festival Drammen, Norway
Aug 2-10 Baltic Congress Sopot, Poland
Aug 2-11 Summer Festival Eastbourne, England
Aug 3-8 Festival d’Aix-les-Bains Aix-les-Bains, Francw
Aug 4-10 Wachauer International Bridge Week Mautern, Austria
Aug 5-10 HCL International Championships New Delhi, India
Aug 12-18 International Festival Varna, Bulgaria
Aug 14-18 13th  Riga Invites You to Jurmala Jurmala, Latvia
Aug 16-25 International Festival de la Baule La Baule, France
Aug 20-29 6th World Open Youth Champioships Opatija, Croatia
Aug 21-30 Buzios Bridge Armacao dos Buzios, Brazil
Aug 22-Sep 1 47th Grand Prix of Warsaw Warsaw, Poland
Aug 22-25 7th Kibic Open Budapest, Hungary
Aug 23-25 16th Batam International Batam, Riau Islands, Indonesia
Aug 24-Sep 17th 7th German Masters Wekk Berlin, Germany
Aug 24-Sep 14 3rd  International Festival La Grande-Motte, France
Aug 26-Sep 8 Mamaia International Festival Mamaia, Romania


Sep 6-11 Festival du Liban Baada, Lebanon
Sep 6-14 58th International Festival Pula, Croatia
Sep 6-15 Guernsey Congress Les Cotils, Channel Is.
Sep 6-18 58th  International Festival Pula, Croatia
Sep 13-15 Northern Lights Festival Siglufordur, Iceland

Sep 14-28 44th World Bridge Team Championship. Wuhan, Hubei Province, China. GBL Jump Page click here

Sep 18-22 9th Internationales de Marrakech Marrakech, Morocco
Sep 21-22 Città di Roma Rome, Italy
Sep 26-29 7th Bodrum Festival Bodrum, Turkey
Sep 27-Oct 5 NZB National Congress Hamilton, New Zealand
Sep 29 2019 IBPA Awards Hainan Bridge Festival
Sep 28-Oct 5 NZB National Congress Hamilton, NZ
Sep 30-Oct 14 Hainan Bridge Festival Sanya, Hainan, China


Oct 2-6 Festival Internacional dos Açores Azores Is., Portugal
Oct 8-14 Sicily Overseas Congress Palermo, Italy
Oct 9-13 Vilnius Cup Vilnius, Lithuania
Oct 9-16 The British Club International Las Palmas, Canary Is., Spain
Oct 16-20 Jordan International Festival Amman, Jordan
Oct 11-12 Gold Cup Finals London, England

Oct 20-23 European Small Federations Champ. Novi Sad, Serbia


Nov 4-11 22nd Madeira Open Funchal, Madeira, Portugal
Nov 7-9 6th Marbella International Marbella, Spain
Nov 14-16 18th European Champions Cup Bucharest, Romania
Nov 28-Dec 8 ACBL Fall NABC San Francisco, CA
Nov 30-Dec 5 5th National Day Bridge Festival Dubai, UAE



 Jan 8-19 Summer Festival of Bridge Canberra, Australia
Jan 13-22 78th  International Tournament St. Moritz, Switzerland
Jan 25-31 Bermuda Regional Southampton, Bermuda
Jan 30-Feb 2 Reykjavik Bridge Festival Reykjavik, Iceland


Feb 10-15 29th  Sun, Sea & Slams Barbados
Feb 20-23 Slava Cup Moscow, Russia
Feb 2129 Gold Coast Congress Broadbeach, Australia
Feb 28-Mar 8 3rd  European Winter Games Monte Carlo, Monaco


Mar 5-8 Tórshavn Bridge Festival Tórshavn, Faroe Islands

Mar 9-16 SA Nationals, Cape Town
Mar 18-28 ACBL Spring NABC Columbus, Ohio
Mar 26-29 Tasmanian Bridge Festival Launceston, Tasmania, Australia


Jun 17-27 55th  Euro National Team Champs. Funchal, Madeira Is., Portugal
Jul 16-26 ACBL Summer NABC Montréal, Quebec


Nov 26-Dec 6 ACBL Fall NABC Tampa, Florida

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