Off-Putting Card Decks

Off-Putting Card Decks - Great Bridge Links
There are thousands of different card decks that are a perfect gift for anyone who loves cards, or classic films, horror movie characters, action stars or naked people. There are themed card decks for almost everything, so what about the card decks that are a little quirky and just a little off-putting – but weird enough that you’ve just got to own them? Here's some good ones we found.

A Card Player’s Itinerary

Card Players Itinerary - Great Bridge Links
Have you ever gone to another state, city or country, just for the love of a card game? We take a look at some great places you might want to visit along the way. 

Poker Size Cards vs Bridge Size Cards

Bridge Size or Poker Size Playing Cards
Have you always wanted to know how poker size cards differ from bridge size cards when it comes to choosing or playing with cards? Size is one of a few factors to consider if you want to purchase your own playing cards. Should you purchase plastic or paper cards? Should they be bridge size or poker size? Let's take a look -