The Most Popular Solitaire Card Games

The Most Popular Solitaire Card Games - Great Bridge Links
Solitaire (also known as Patience) is one of the most popular card games ever invented. The popularity of Solitaire began to grow after Microsoft turned it into a household favourite by making it digitally accessible to millions of people across the globe. It can be played with a regular pack of playing cards or one of the online card game sites.

History Of Rummy

History Of Rummy - Great Bridge Links
Rummy is such a monumental cornerstone of card gaming that it can’t really be thought of as a single game. It is more of a family of games that has evolved into popular variations like Gin, Canasta, and Hand and Foot. While each variation has its own peculiarities. A Rummy type game can be defined as any game that involves a draw and discharge on a player’s turn and involves the melding of cards by rank or sequence. While some variations like Canasta have very clear origins stories (Canasta was created by Segundo Santos and Alberto Serrato in 1939) the parent game Rummy has a more ambiguous beginning.

Off-Putting Card Decks

Off-Putting Card Decks - Great Bridge Links
There are thousands of different card decks that are a perfect gift for anyone who loves cards, or classic films, horror movie characters, action stars or naked people. There are themed card decks for almost everything, so what about the card decks that are a little quirky and just a little off-putting – but weird enough that you’ve just got to own them? Here's some good ones we found.

Poker Size Cards vs Bridge Size Cards

Bridge Size or Poker Size Playing Cards
Have you always wanted to know how poker size cards differ from bridge size cards when it comes to choosing or playing with cards? Size is one of a few factors to consider if you want to purchase your own playing cards. Should you purchase plastic or paper cards? Should they be bridge size or poker size? Let's take a look -