World Bridge Federation Robot Bridge Tournaments

World Bridge Federation Robot Bridge Tournaments

Everything you need to know about playing Robot Bridge Tournaments on Funbridge

Everyone’s talking these days about the new way to practice bridge offered by Funbridge – Robot Bridge Tournaments. In a robot bridge tournament you are the only human at the table and you’re never dummy! Every bid is explained. The hands rotate so you always get to declare. If you have to leave the game, don’t worry! Things will be put on hold until your return. If you have to leave your computer, no problem! You can continue to play on your ipad, or your phone as you transit to work.

And Funbridge is offered in 13 different languages.

With the Funbridge app and Robot Tournaments, you’ll find you’re playing more bridge than ever before. We’ve answered some of your questions below and you can find some FunBridge Tips if you click here.

Before you read on, please note that you can play other kinds of solitaire bridge on Funbridge as well – there’s one series of 4 hand tournaments that I really enjoy when I have just a short time to spare.

What are “WBF Robot Bridge Points Tournaments”?

The “WBF Robot Bridge Points Tournaments” are official tournaments organized with the World Bridge Federation on Funbridge.

Can anyone play?

Yes, these tournaments are open to everyone.

Who do I play with / who do I play against?

On Funbridge, your partner and opponents are managed by an AI (called “Argine”). You partner a robot and play against robots. This is a huge advantage! You don’t have to wait until a partner or real opponents are available to play a deal with you.

An note – this principle applies in all game modes on the Funbridge app, including the WBF Robot Bridge Points Tournaments.

How many tables are there in “WBF Robot Bridge Points Tournaments”?

It depends on the number of players but there is no limit of participants.

Can I compare my results to other players?

Yes, this is an important aspect of Funbridge: you play the same deals as other players and then compare your results by joining the tournaments rankings.

How often do a tournament run / is the scoring master points or imps / how long is a tournament?

These tournaments are available every day, from 00:00 to 12:00 (IMP ranking) and from 12:00 to 24:00 (MP ranking).

A tournament is composed of 20 deals. Essentially, you have 12 hours to complete the 20 boards. If you need to leave the table you can resume play at any time within that 12 hours.

Where can I find a “WBF Robot Bridge Points Tournaments” schedule?

We don’t have one as they take place every day on the app but you can have a look and register to the next tournaments directly in the app. You can find them in Play a tournament > Federation Tournaments > WBF – Robot Bridge Points.

What if I have to leave the table – how long can I break?

You can break as long as you want. Make sure to come back before the end of the tournament though.

This is another advantage offers by the fact you play with and against Robots. They are always available! You can pause and resume the game later.

What if my computer crashes in the middle of a tournament?

It’s like suspending a tournament: you will resume it once you will log in to Funbridge.

Note that you can start a tournament on your PC and finish it on your smartphones, tablet or Mac.

Can I win master points?

WBF Robot Bridge Points Tournaments allow you to win online Masterpoints called World Robot Bridge Points (WRBP). They are delivered by the WBF following this principle:

1st place: 1,500 WRBP (maximum)
2nd place: 80% of maximum
3rd place: 70% of maximum
4th place: 60% of maximum
5th – 19th place: 55% of maximum
20th – 39th place: 50% of maximum
40th – 59th place: 45% of maximum
60th – 79th place: 40% of maximum
80th – 99th place: 35% of maximum
100th – 119th place: 30% of maximum
120th – 139th place: 25% of maximum
140th – 159th place: 20% of maximum
160th – 179th place: 15% of maximum
180th – 200th place: 10% of maximum

Please note that only 50% of participants will earn points. For instance, if there are 60 participants, only the top 30 players will earn WRBP according to the point scale above.

Details here:

Do robot tournaments cost money?

Yes, several packs of tournaments are available:

– 1 tournament: $2.99

– 5 tournaments: $12.99

– 10 tournaments: $24.99

– 20 tournaments: $44.99

Are there tournament directors?


Do you have any kind of money bridge on Funbridge?


Do you run other federation bridge tournaments?

5 other national federations trust Funbridge to organize their official tournaments: England, France, Switzerland, Norway, Turkey.

The European Bridge League has also recently joined Funbridge.

Each federation offers their own masterpoints at robot bridge tournaments, available if you’re a member of that federation but note – the tournaments themselves are open to anyone.

More info at

I don’t speak English –

Not to worry. Our tournaments are available in 13 different languages.