Will you be adding these modern calls to your Bingo game?

Will you be adding these modern calls to your Bingo game?

Bingo is a game that has well and truly daubed its way through history.

Consisting of either 75 or 90 balls, a Bingo caller, some Bingo cards and a dauber, Bingo can now be played both in person at your favourite Bingo hall and online via the online Bingo games section.

With Bingo adapting to the ever-changing technological world we find ourselves living in, we wanted to take a look at some other parts of the traditional game that are starting to change slightly to fit with the modern world – Bingo calls.

That’s right, some Bingo halls and online Bingo games are starting to introduce modern Bingo calls to their games, to help engage with new players as well as bring the ‘new’ in.

With this in mind, we’ve gathered just a small selection of Bingo calls that are being phased into some games, to help modernise the traditional game.

Follow us as we explore Bingo calls being added to games from both the modern world and the technological.  Be sure to say them out loud! And you can try them out at your next game of bingo with the kids at home. Or, why not take a bingo box camping with you this summer!

Modern Calls

6 – Little Mix

8 – Tinder date. Rather than swiping, will this call have you daubing?

17 – Selfie queen. Who doesn’t love a selfie these days?

22 – I don’t know about you. You may hear this followed by some callers signing “but I’m feeling 22” from the Taylor Swift song, 22.

24 – Lads on tour

25 – Adele. Named after her third album, 25.

27 – Hipster heaven

32 – Jimmy Choo. Not only does this rhyme with 32, it pays homage to the designer too.

48 – Tag a mate. You won’t get the fear of a ‘tagged’ notification when daubing this number off your Bingo card.

69 – Netflix and chill

71 – J-Lo’s bum

Social Media

1 – Number one trending topic

5 – Stream it Live. With many social media users opting for a Live stream these days, you can’t Live Stream your Bingo game on social media. However, you can Live Stream a game online via your preferred online Bingo provider to your compatible device.

8 – Tag a mate. We either love to be tagged in a post or get the fear – Which are you?

13 – Friends on screen. Pays homage to how social media helps us stay connected with friends.

23 – Sign up for free / Take a break

24 – Open all hours

29 – Playing online. Thanks to modern technology, we can now play our favourite game of Bingo online as well as in person.

31 – Chat on the run

88 – Play ‘til late

Now you know some of the many new Bingo calls that are slowly being introduced to Bingo games both online and within Bingo halls, will you be welcoming them with open arms within the games you play? Or do you think we should stick with traditional calls – because ‘if it’s not broke, don’t fix it’?

Whichever calls you decide to play along to, will you be playing online or in person?