Why Blackjack Is The Most Popular Casino Game Of All Time

Why Blackjack Is The Most Popular Casino Game Of All Time

The unbeatable popularity of Blackjack.

On the casino floor, and in online casinos, one game stands taller than the others. Sure, poker is popular, baccarat, craps, and roulette, but what game beats them all? Blackjack. Whether the reasoning behind the popularity is the game itself, it’s transitioning into the online world with such ease, or due to it making everyone feel like James Bond, it’s a very popular game.

Whether you play blackjack on Fanduel.com for real money or if you choose to hit up your local casino for a game, it is still a very popular game in casinos.

But why is this?

Let’s find out.

An easy-to-understand game.

Blackjack is an easy game to understand for new players. It is complex enough to keep you engaged and stop it from getting boring. However, it is not complex like poker, and it is simple enough to learn as a beginner, which is what draws newbies to the table.

As you progress through the game and become more of a pro, you learn strategies and can learn different types of blackjack, and branch out. It is diverse and unique, so this game is malleable to newbies and pros.

You have some control.

Even if you like putting yourself in the not-so-tender hands of fate, we all like a little control, and blackjack gives us this. Gambling is never fully controllable, you are always playing a game of chance. Blackjack does give you the power to make decisions, until roulette or baccarat.

You control your hand, and you can have an influence on the outcome. You can hit, stand, split, or double down. It’s all up to you. You are in control here, and that makes this game so appealing. While it is still a gamble, it is a gamble you have more control over.

The odds are on your side.

Another thing people love about this game is that even when you play using gut instinct and common sense, the house edge is less than three percent. This means you have a better chance of success than you do with a majority of slots. If you get your strategy right, the house edge can drop to one percent or even less. There is no better game out there for some mental exercise, while also keeping your bankroll rolling for the night.

Skill counts.

While we like games that offer equality to players of all levels of expertise. Everyone wants to think that with skill comes reward. In blackjack, you get this. Despite its simplicity, you can learn strategies that will affect your chances of success. These are just basic mathematical probability.

The strategy will tell you when to hit, stand, or if you should split, depending on your cards and the dealer’s up card. If you go deeper, though, you can learn more, and this means that with greater skill you can win more. In blackjack, the better you are, the better you fare from it.