Who Loves to Gamble? Everyone!

Who Loves to Gamble? Everyone!

Cards first appeared in East Asia in the 9th century. Indigenous people made them out of the most extraordinary materials: bamboo, wood, processed plant sheets, and even ivory.

Card games have survived to this day in different forms. First we had the traditional card-stock, but now it’s possible to play cards online using your computer as well as on a mobile phone. Many gamblers choose the latter one because it’s portable and enables game play wherever you are. If you are looking to try mobile card games out, check out these online casinos at https://casinority.com/mobile. There’s a lot of useful information on this site, like:

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  • payment options.

Gambling in general is heavily regulated in some countries and even against the law in others. Here’s a list of some that allow it, and enjoy it!


Australia might as well be called the ‘gambling country’. Local people wildly make bets on sports, play poker and in online casinos as well. Thanks to this, a considerable amount of money transfers to the state. And there’s no tax on your winnings! Australia is the paradise spot for those who love gambling. The average spending per gambler is more than $1200 per year.


Singapore is the undisputed best spot for gambling enthusiasts from around the world. To get to any casino, you need to pay a large amount of money, which might not be affordable for everyone. Do you know that, due to addictions issues, any resident here can legally prohibit any of his relatives from playing? Despite this, the average annual gambling spending per gambler is about $1,100.


Back in the day, only small gambling establishments were allowed in Ireland. However, since 2003 online casinos here have gone viral, sending the average gambling spending per person way up. Lottery tickets and sports bets are in high demand, especially for dog races. A large number of stadiums were specially built for them. The average Irish gambler spends $600 per year.


Gambling in Finland is highly regulated. Everyone who spends more than one hundred euros a year on gambling are considered to be gamblers and they are given a free consultation with a psychologist. The state spends casino income on sports and cultural development. The approximate amount of annual spending per gambler here is $600.

Hong Kong

In this state gambling is completely prohibited. Except for one company named the ‘Jockey Club’, which is allowed to accept bets and organize lotteries. Otherwise those who want to play can take a ferry to Monaco, where any games are allowed. The average per person spending in Hong Kong is $500 per year.

Gambling is a profitable industry and is in great demand all over the world. Some countries have accepted the wide popularity of this kind of entertainment, but some are still processing it. With this kind of market demand, the invention of online gambling and new ways to play, we’re sure it will be a global legal past-time in no time.