What’s New for Casino Software Providers in 2020?

What’s New for Casino Software Providers in 2020?

You might have heard casinos are the big winners in the gambling game. But here’s a group of stakeholders they forget to mention: software providers. These companies supply the games you find at land-based and online casinos. And without them, most casinos wouldn’t exist. 

Casino software providers do more than provide games, though. They research and adopt the best pop culture and tech innovations in the world. And in doing so, they help steer the gambling industry into a tremendous success. That said, here’s what’s new in the world of software providers in 2020.

AI to enhance Players’ Experiences

Artificial Intelligence is all the rage for all tech businesses. If it’s not replacing humans at their workplace it’s helping them in some way. In the online casino sector, software providers are using AI to enhance players’ experiences in these ways:

  • To automate gaming
  • To save progress
  • More interactive gameplay
  • Organizing games at an online casino

Automating gaming isn’t particularly a new feature in online slots, roulette and video poker. But developers are improving it to be more players friendly. On the other end, they are using AI to help slot players save their progress, a feature often absent in casino games.

When it comes to gameplay, casino games have never been more entertaining. Take 3D games as an example. Unlike regular slots, 3D titles have images that look so real that you might get tempted to catch game symbols like fruits as they “pop out” of the screen.

Besides 3D, new-age slot machines have more involving gameplay. When playing a football-themed slot, you can take a penalty, kick and pass the ball as you chase a goal. In video game inspired slots, you can interact with dialogues or simulate gaming.

4k Live Casinos

Playing poker online is great, but it’s better when played against fellow humans and not RNG software. Fortunately, you can play poker, blackjack, roulette or baccarat with people from all over the world thanks to providers like Evolution and NetEnt Gaming.

Evolution Gaming is the biggest live casino game provider in the world. And being a forward-thinking company, they offer the best of streaming: 4K quality, high-dynamic sound and professional dealers.

NetEnt is the second-most popular live casino games’ provider. But that’s because they have a long history of specializing in slots and RNG table games. It is responsible for some truly iconic games like Gonzo’s Quest, Starburst and Twin Spins.

NetEnt history dates back to 1963 although it didn’t become popular globally until online casinos came along. Today, the Swedish brand is one of the most established providers in the industry, supplies games to hundreds of online casinos.

 VR and AR

Although VR and AR have been around for some years, they are still new in the world of online casinos. To give some context, there are only five renowned slot machines that support VR:

  • Jack and the Beanstalk
  • Starburst
  • Miss Midas
  • Thunderstruck II
  • Gonzo’s Quest

Most of these games are great choices to play even without more technology. But VR provides a level of immersive gameplay that could revolutionize how we play these games. For starters, the innovation takes you into the world of slot machines. So, if you are playing Gonzo’s Quest, you get to meet with the fictional Spaniard character and help him find gold.

VR would undoubtedly change the live casino section as well. As it is, you play poker or blackjack while viewing the dealer and players through web cameras. VR headsets can help you recreate the experience so that you cherish blackjack as if you were in a true brick and mortar casino.

Mobile Gaming with 5G

Lots of people are excited about 5G. And although not everyone has access to the Internet connection so far, it promises immense speed, little to no lagging. In other words, 5G is here to make gaming more exciting.

It doesn’t matter whether you play MMO or live roulette; 5G is here to enhance gaming. Against that backdrop, software providers are more motivated to create graphically advanced games for mobile gamers.

Conventionally, mobile gamers got a raw deal from developers. Where PC players received advanced games, mobile players would get simple, quick to play games. Not anymore, though. As 5G strikes in, expect developers to provide advanced games for mobile players too.

By advanced, look out for VR slots you can play on your android device. Watch out for 4K or 8K streaming and more AI influence on your mobile games.

Blockchain Games

Unless you don’t use the Internet, you’ve heard a fair share of blockchain stories. Some say it will one day replace fiat currency as we know it. Others believe it makes everything safer and cheaper.

Luckily, software providers are onboard the blockchain wave and they’ve been using it for several things:

  • Payments via Bitcoin and altcoins
  • Securing transactions
  • Building games

The last blockchain usage is particularly essential. Many games built on the blockchain can be verified for their fairness. And it’s not independent auditors doing it. You can use a simple program to assess a slot machine to find out how fair it is.

So far, more than twenty online casinos provide games built on the blockchain. They have some flaws and are not very popular but they at least give you a fair chance to win.

Big Data

Big data is the buzz word people use these days to describe huge volumes of information. It’s growing rapidly thanks to its role in helping businesses enhance sales or improve customer service.

In the gambling business, software providers are using data collected from players to determine how to improve their games. 

If there’s a demand for slots inspired by TV shows, for examples, they will invest more in TV-themed slots. If players no longer like fruit-themed slots, developers will reduce the number of games featuring fruits as symbols. 

The best part about big data is that it’s a true reflection of what customers want. So, every forward-thinking developer is finding ways to embrace it. 

Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash