What Poker Software To Choose: a White Label or a Turnkey?

What Poker Software To Choose: a White Label or a Turnkey?

Everyone who has ever thought of operating an online poker platform has come across the following questions: which solution is the best one for entering into an online poker business? How is it realized in practice? Here, we are going to dwell on the pros and cons of each approach mentioned above, elicit the working process steps and fix your attention on the clue factors that might help you to choose the best solution for your business. 

What are online poker solutions?

Basically, you can dive into the gambling industry following two strategies: to obtain a white-label software or a customizable turnkey one. Well, the choice depends on a few factors which we are going to speculate below. For example, your willingness to create a unique website to implement poker solutions you would like to offer and have full standalone ownership or get a ready-to-operate platform with license and promotion strategies prepared by the evenbetgaming.com developer. Let us firstly dwell on what are these two strategies that can help you launch your online poker website and start getting a decent income?

White label software

White Label is quite a sought-after solution as it implies that a vendor offers a ready-for-service platform. This platform is supposed to have been tested and be perfect as long as a developer is experienced and provides quality software. 

What should you do before launching an online poker platform?

1) Appropriate games integration 

To define where you are going to operate your online poker platform geographically. You should be familiar with what is in great popularity for gamblers in the country of your interest because different markets have different requests. Usually, professional providers know what games are in huge demand in each locale. So, you have a full chance to run the best gaming set. The locale is of extreme importance as it is also connected with languages, available currencies, design, and ads.

2) Managing the project

You have to divide the personnel’s rights and duties and determine their access to the casino management system. 

3) Bonus system and marketing solution

You and your provider need to elaborate on the bonus system. Standardly, white-label software involves a ready bonus set and the operator has only the right to reject one of them or change the terms. From time to time white label poker suppliers offer a prepared affiliate or partner system. Here you should get to know the conditions, as in the situation with bonuses. 

4) Payment system

Here you are free to opt for two options: a ready-made integration of a payment processing system  or your own. Of course, in the second case you are sure to deal with the third party by yourself, in the first situation, the developer will provide everything ready to work except the merchant account.  


Turnkey poker software

One of the most popular poker software products is a turnkey solution. Basically, you obtain your poker platform build-up from zero according to your wishes and demands. Namely, the turnkey approach offers you autonomous ownership and independence.

What is to do before starting an online poker platform on a turnkey basis?

Drawing an analogy with the professional iGaming provider which offers one of the best poker turnkey software, the developing process contains the following steps: 

  1. Choosing a software package

You can choose a software package in a variety of options: standalone, networked, loyalty free, rented, and so on. At this stage, you are free to discuss all the details including software customization.

  1. The design customization

The company works on the design under your demands and ideas. Here you have an opportunity to create something unique and special. Next, you may start operating your poker website but if you need serious customization (substantial UI changes, special options, new games), it will take more time. Meanwhile, you may use a standard poker software package with your own logo. 

  1. Payment system integration

You have to choose the payment system and integrate it with the platform developed by the provider.

  1. License

After all, you have to acquire the license by yourself.

White label and turnkey poker software: pros and cons

Just as we have speculated on both white label and turnkey approaches, here comes the time to resume. 

Starting with the white label, this is mainly a project for rent and you are not a complete owner of your platform. Nevertheless, it is an added value that you have every option already included and tested: games set, bonus and payment system, marketing promotion. In other words, you have everything at your fingertips to start operating. Anyway, don’t forget to get carefully familiar with all terms and conditions as each provider cooperates in a different way.

Turnkey poker software represents a great chance to launch an outstanding and exclusive website that nobody has ever seen. You are responsible for the design customization, software package, payment system, and licensing what allows you to get full ownership and independence afterward. Surely, it is kind of risky but all these risks are definitely worth the result!

We hope this article has helped you to navigate and understand the case of white label and turnkey solutions. Anyway, the cornerstone of starting an online poker business is to choose the proper supplier as they are indeed in charge of essential components that can make your business prosper and profitable. 

Photo by Fotis Fotopoulos on Unsplash