What Makes Summer Horse Racing Special?

What Makes Summer Horse Racing Special?

Summer is a time that we associate with a feeling of happiness and joy. The days are long and there is plenty of time to get outside and enjoy nature. Many of us look forward to sitting in a beer garden in the evening after a long day at work, and to throwing some steaks on the BBQ at the weekend. As well as being a great time for the heart and soul, summer is also a great time for horse racing, and an even greater time to make horse racing bets. Here we take a look at what makes summer horse racing so special.

Great events and festivals

Summer is a time synonymous with the best festivals and events that horse racing has to offer. Ascot, for example, which takes place in the summer months, is one of the highlights in the racing calendar and the weather that accompanies the festival certainly helps to make it the enjoyable event that it is. Summer racing is about more than just the horses and the betting. There are often live music acts, great food and plenty of fun on offer at the big events too. Further afield, some of the sport’s American races that are the most popular are also held during the summer months. Stateside festivals include seaside racing at Del Mar and Saratoga (or the Spa), and there are always great events with great racing and a great atmosphere. 


With a summer of racing comes the opportunity to socialise with friends and other people interested in the sport of horse racing and betting on the horses. Due to the warm weather and long days, many horse racing events that take place in the summer encourage and facilitate socialisation and a ‘day the races’ is one of the things that people look forward to most during the summer. Many companies chose such an outing as their annual summer celebration, and many friends enjoy an annual meet up at the races. 

Great conditions for racing

As well as being a time when people enjoy the social side of the sport of horse racing, the summer is also a good time for the racing itself as the conditions are good and horses enjoy the cool calm days that enable them to take to the track with ease and a competitive spirit. 

Bookies’ incentives

Due to the number of events that take place in the summer, together with the high quality of the racing that is enjoyed at the events and the social gatherings that they encourage, bookies often see the summer as a way to introduce more people to betting on the sport of horse racing. Therefore, in the summer months there are always plenty of betting incentives on offer such as free bets and free money. These incentives give summer horse racing an added exciting and enticing element that people love to take advantage of. 

So, when the sun is out and the days are long, get to the races and enjoy all that makes summer horse racing so special. 

Photo by Mathew Schwartz on Unsplash