What Casino Card Games Should You Try Online Right Now?

What Casino Card Games Should You Try Online Right Now?

Numerous Casino card games are nowadays available on the internet. Many are simply games of chance but some require complex mastery of strategy and skills. No matter the case, most of the games you will find presented on echtgeld-casinos.net and similar will be a lot of fun to play. This includes the highly-recommended ones below. 


Blackjack is great for people that enjoy skill games. The basic rules are very simple and you can easily learn them really fast. However, in order to be a winning player, the strategy that you have to use is difficult. 

Many see Blackjack as being the ultimate Casino card game. It is definitely the most popular and has an RTP (return to player) percentage that is the highest out of all the table games at 99.7%, with optimum strategy. 


Baccarat is best suited for those that enjoy games of chance. The goal is to predict whether the hand will be close to 9 or there will be a tie. This leads to 3 possible bets, Tie, Banco and Punto. You do not need to learn any strategy and you can quickly learn all the rules to get started. 

Those that enjoy Slots and Roulette can quickly make the move towards Baccarat, which is also known as Punto Banco. 

Video Poker

The game is perfect for newbie Poker fans and slots players. You need to make the best possible Poker hand by simply discarding and keeping some cards in a 5-card game. The strategy you need to use is considered to be semi-difficult and rules are very simple, with numerous online varieties available, like Joker Wild and Deuces Wild. 

Oasis Poker

The goal of Oasis Poker is to beat the hand of the dealer. You see one of his cards and can switch cards. You can fold or raise based on what you get. The rules are very simple to learn and you just need to understand a strategy that is semi-difficult. 

The dealer and you receive 5 cards. You instantly know what hand you have and can improve it by switching cards with some from the deck. However, this is done only after you pay extra and is generally not advised. Based on hand strength, you fold or raise. 


This game is perfect for those that enjoy Blackjack as it is similar. You win by making a hand with 5 cards without getting busted. Dealers always win on ties. Rules are considered to be semi-difficult, just like the strategy you need to win. 

At first view, Pontoon is just like Blackjack but differences do exist. The best possible payout is gained when you have the natural 21 hand and when you get a good 5 card hand. The problem is that it is difficult to draw 5 cards without being busted. 

Red Dog

Last but not least, Red Dog is perfect for those that love very simple card games. A dealer receives 3 cards, with the first and the third one being face-up. You will win when the card in the middle has a value that is higher than card 1 but lower than card 3. This means the strategy is very simple, just like the rules. 

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