What are the most popular games in the casino?

What are the most popular games in the casino?

Playing is one of the most widespread hobbies of the people, even in ancient Rome bread and games were a welcome change from the boring everyday life. Fortunately, today’s game is no longer about life and death, but about fun and enjoyment. Thanks to new reforms, online casinos can now also be played online, but which games are actually particularly popular here?

The dazzling world of online casinos

Las Vegas feeling on the computer or on the smartphone? For many people it has long since become part of everyday life. But even newcomers are increasingly daring to go to no deposit casinos and with the best tips and tricks, which are described in this blog post , among other things  , the gaming experience often turns into a fun adventure. But what is actually played? On the console, it’s racing games like Forza Horizon , construction games like Minecraft or shooters like Rainbow Six Siege that are extremely popular. And in the arcade? Again, there are different preferences, but some perennial favorites are very popular with most gamblers.

Blackjack – one of the oldest card games in the world

Vingt et Un, as blackjack was originally called, has its origins in the 18th century. The card game from France was a triumph at the time and is still one of the most popular casino games in the world today. The game takes place between the dealer and the player. The object of the game is to get as close to 21 as possible with the cards drawn. If the bank or the player outbid, the game is lost. If one is further below than the other, the game is also lost for him. The best option is Blackjack, which consists of Ace and Jack, Queen, King or 10. This means that exactly 21 points have been reached and the game can hardly be lost.

Roulette – Rien ne vas plus

It is probably the most legendary saying in casinos when the croupier announces with the words “rien ne vas plus” that no further bets can be made. Then the balls fall into the roulette wheel and after a few seconds it is clear on which color and which number they will fall. Now it’s up to the players to find out whether their effort was worth it.

It is often wrongly assumed that the only choice is between black and red. This is a mistake, because the possibilities of use are much broader. Whether a group of numbers, a specific number, a specific row on the playing field or “zero”, every player has several options for what to bet on in roulette.

Poker – the game of kings

The UIGEA Gambling State Treaty in has legalized gambling, but at the same time also declared table games for online casinos as forbidden. An exception to this is poker, which is mainly played in the Texas Hold’em variant. Reason for the exception: Poker is not only a game of chance, but also a game of strategy. There is more to the game of bluffing, tactics and determining probabilities than pure luck.

To this day, poker remains one of the most important casino games around and, thanks to global tournaments, is something millions of people are talking about. Among the best-known people on the scene are those who have made a name for themselves as professional poker players and can play the game almost in their sleep. From this success alone it can be deduced that it is not just a matter of chance bringing the right cards.

Classic slot machines with free spins mode

Very popular and offered in almost every online casino are slot machines where free spins can be achieved. So-called scatter symbols are responsible for triggering the free mode. Usually three of these symbols have to appear on the reels for the player to win a certain number of free spins. These are then executed with the previously used bet value.

Some slot machines have special rules during free spins. Wild symbols can remain or multipliers can be activated, which improve the chance of winning. The individual rules of the respective machines can be viewed online before the game.

Slot machines with progressive jackpots

Among the most popular slots are slot machines that offer a progressive jackpot. According to the State Treaty on Gambling , these are also no longer permitted if the casino has a license. However, US licensed casinos can still offer progressive jackpots.

Every bet made by all players on the slot is attributed in part to the jackpot. This increases with every spin and can be drawn at random to one of the players. The probability of achieving a small win in the normal flow of the game is significantly lower, the RTP refers exclusively to the jackpot.

Slot machines with bonus games

A third group of popular slot machines are those that come with bonus games. They work in a similar way to free spins slots, but instead of offering free games, they have more games on offer. Spinning a specific image can trigger the bonus game. Such games can also work with multipliers and allow the player to increase his winnings.

The requirements required to activate a bonus game vary from slot to slot. It is advisable to take a look at the rules to find out which image triggers the bonus and whether it is worth it. The bonus game and its possible winnings are usually also dependent on the bet size.

Niche games are also very popular in the casino

While it is the most popular game in much of Spain, bingo is rarely played. Nevertheless, there are some online casinos that also offer bingo and are very well frequented. The number game, which is easy to learn, pleases above all with its simple way of playing, but also with the constantly varying chances of winning, depending on luck with the numbers.

Also less common, but quite popular are scratch cards, as known from state lotteries. Here chance decides which lot is awarded to a player. After scratching it shows whether a profit could be generated or not.

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