What Are No-Deposit Bonuses, and Are They Really Free?

What Are No-Deposit Bonuses, and Are They Really Free?

Industries all over the world are moving their wares online, particularly those who deal in entertainment. Movies, shows, video games, and classic casino games can be found all over the internet.

In casino gaming, the companies that made the early leap into the digital realm benefitted a great deal early on, but now, that space is overflowing with competing brands. Regardless of what country you’re playing from, there are likely thousands of different games across hundreds of websites.

While this can make it a bit difficult to know which website to play at, it has created a very user-friendly place due to each platform trying to out-do the other. The most recent development forced by the sheer level of competition in iGaming (or online gambling) is that of the no-deposit bonus.

It’s somewhat new and still a bit of an alien concept to many, but the no-deposit bonus is catching on and offering what is quite possibly the most favorable form of bonus available.

The increasingly competitive iGaming scene

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Thanks to the connectivity provided by the internet, online gaming has expanded well beyond the reach of traditional land-based gaming. Due to the virtually limitless space, any website with a new idea, a good selection of games, and a license can jump into the scene to further increase the level of competition.

The global online gambling market is already huge and comprised of several major brands that are battling for players across all regulated jurisdictions. Despite how strong the industry already is, this analysis website forecasts a CAGR for the global online gambling market of 8.77 percent from 2020 to 2024.

With so much competition, each website has had to get increasingly innovative to win over players. The primary battleground that’s developed is on the welcome bonus front. However, even this form of bonus has evolved a great deal in recent years.

Seeing market trends to offer the best bonus

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Naturally, classic casino card games remain among the most popular of all iGaming creations, with the likes of baccarat, blackjack, and poker boasting huge worldwide audiences. However, online, slot machines have gone from strength-to-strength to become the most popular genre of casino games. The online popularity has even spilled over into land-based gaming, with even Canadians vying to compete in $1 million TournEvent of Champions slot tournament.

Knowing that slots are the biggest games in iGaming, welcome bonuses evolved from general sums of bonus cash after making a deposit to offering free spins on slots. This immediately boosted the appeal of any platform offering the bonus, especially those who tied the free spins with a popular slot game.

In recent times, though, welcome bonuses have taken another step further to increase the appeal of a platform to potential players. One aspect of welcome bonuses that players would research first is how much they had to deposit to get bonuses. So, to jump ahead, some websites, as you can see when you visit this site, combined the appeal of free spins with the brand new no-deposit bonus format.

Before, players had to commit money to a platform to get a bonus and play the games. With the no-deposit bonus, however, players merely need to sign-up to receive either bonus playing funds or several free spins. This means that newcomers get to play games for winnings that can potentially be withdrawn without even making a deposit.

It’ll be interesting to see what the next welcome bonus innovation will be in iGaming as the scene becomes increasingly competitive. For now, though, players can enjoy free gaming on any casino games with no-deposit bonuses, or free gaming on slots with no-deposit free spins.