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Swan Games Unveils Revamped Bridge Platform

Swan Games, a pioneer in online bridge platforms, stands as one of the select few websites accredited to distribute ACBL masterpoints. Recently, the platform underwent a significant transformation after its acquisition by a consortium led by Adam Parrish and the proprietors of the Honors Bridge Club based in New York. The rejuvenated site  went live on September 5, offering a selection of daily ACBL masterpoint games [Check their schedule for more details] and with live celebrity Q&A after every game. In a celebratory gesture, Swan Games is offering all its members a generous 30 Swan Bucks, translating to 10 complimentary games of 18 boards each. Interested individuals can register without any charges at swangames.com.

The essence of Swan Games is its foundation by dedicated bridge enthusiasts, educators, and club owners. Their overarching mission revolves around bolstering and endorsing the game of bridge. They firmly advocate for a harmonious blend of online and traditional bridge, aiming for the flourishing of clubs and tournaments. Embracing the adage, “A rising tide lifts all boats,” Swan Games has introduced a unique profit-sharing initiative. This scheme enables clubs and educators to reap a portion of the profits generated from their trained and nurtured players. Clubs and educators interested in this opportunity can reach out to Swan Games for further information.

Social – Enjoy the social aspects of bridge with video and audio communication at the table. Actually talk to and see the people you’re playing with. It’s the closest you can get to live bridge without being at the table.

ACBL Masterpoints – Swan is one of only three sites on the internet that awards ACBL masterpoints. Take that next step toward Life Master by earning masterpoints on Swan.

Tournaments – Swan features daily open and limited ACBL masterpoint tournaments.

Your convention card – Swan Games has collaborated with Bridge Winners, facilitating the transfer of convention cards between the platforms. Presently, Swan Games supports the latest ACBL convention card. Users can seamlessly export and import cards between the two platforms, provided they adhere to the specified format.

Zero Tolerance – Upholding the integrity of the game, Swan Games enforces a stringent no-tolerance stance against cheating and misconduct. They are committed to leveraging all available resources to pinpoint and probe alleged cheaters, especially those flagged by their user community. Should there be irrefutable proof of a player’s dishonesty, they face immediate expulsion from the platform. To fortify this policy, Swan Games mandates a real-name registration process, akin to Bridge Winners, ensuring that banned individuals cannot re-register.

Swan Games emphasizes the congenial spirit of bridge, asserting that discourteous players have no place on their platform. Any player found mistreating their peers faces disciplinary actions, with persistent offenders facing potential bans.

The platform boasts a contemporary design, complete with integrated audio and video features. This not only fosters a convivial environment but also acts as a deterrent against cheating, aligning with Swan Games’ core objectives.

Swan Games uses the Q-Plus robot, a consistent challenger in the World Computer Bridge Championships. This robot is adept at various bidding systems and conventions. Players can anticipate duplicate robot tournaments in the near future.

Swan Games will continue to add features and invites feedback, suggestions, or even commendations from its user base. They can be reached at feedback@swangames.com.

You can follow the Swan Games thread, which has a lot of feedback, on Bridge Winners here.

But why not try it for yourself?