Where’s the money bridge?

Where’s the money bridge?

Should leading bookmakers incorporate bridge in their online casino platforms?

Bridge is a game enjoyed by many all over the world. But doesn’t it seem odd that even though it can be played for money in the same way that poker and blackjack are, you’re unable to play bridge through casino websites?

In 2016 Statista predicted that the size of the online gambling market would have a volume of $45.86 billion and 2018 that figure will have reached $56.05 billion. It’s clear that people are more than happy to risk their money online, but is there a place for bridge, (in any form) where the major online casino’s are concerned?

Card games on casino platforms

Alongside roulette, card games are one of the things that casino’s are famed for; and online casino’s are no different. Some of the worlds online casino’s claim to have over 7 million members which is evidence that that the market is thriving.

Whilst roulette definitely takes up a large proportion the market share when it comes to online casino gambling, card games also generate a large amount of revenue for bookmakers.

Some of the most popular online card games include 3 card poker and texas holdem, whilst in many Asian countries baccarat is extremely popular. However, worldwide it is online blackjack that is the most widely played game within online casino’s. Blackjack is so popular as it’s viewed as easy to play and the rewards can be great. As such, there are many sites, including bettingexpert, that offer blackjack strategies.

How would it work?

There are already a large number of sites active across numerous countries that facilitate a game of bridge. The simple way for an online casino to incorporate bridge would be to follow the model of sites such as BridgeBig.com – see below for more information.

Despite there seemingly being a model already in place it’s unlikely that it would be that simple for any major online casino to add bridge to their operation. There would inevitably be a number of procedures set by the gambling authorities that would need to be followed in order for this to happen.

What are the chances of bookmakers adopting bridge as part of their online operation?

As previously mentioned the online casino market is already huge but bookmakers are always looking for ways to increase their revenues through activities such as poker and blackjack. So, should online bookmakers look to attract even more players by introducing the option to play bridge through their sites? Or better still; why haven’t they introduced it already?

One of the reasons why bridge may not be readily available to play through these sites already is due to its fairly complex nature. Although to many of us the game may seem simple, to people who haven’t previously played it can be slightly intimidating. Bookmakers are often cautious about introducing something where the acquisition and growth potential may not be too large.

Having said that, with the large number of bridge players that are currently active it may not be too long until bookmakers decide to take a punt and explore whether the opportunity is there or not.

Money Bridge

There are many places to play bridge online, suitable for all levels of player – from beginner to advanced. Great Bridge Links maintains a page of links, you can find it here >>

And there are some sites where you are able to play for money. Bridge Big invites you to play in round the clock cash games for example. You play a single convention card, and always with a stranger so there are no agreements. You can cash out at any time as the play is ‘pay per board’ – sound interesting? (2024 note: Bridge Big seems to have gone out of business. We’ll update here if we find any new online ‘money’ bridge)

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