Verification at online casinos – legit or scam?

Verification at online casinos – legit or scam?

Gambling is risky by its very nature. It is why when online casinos ask for verification, players get suspicious.

But is verification at online casinos legit?

Fortunately, yes. Bodies like the UK Gambling Commission regulate the online gambling industry. This is why online casinos are obliged to verify the identity of their customers through a process called Know Your Customer or KYC. Alternatively, you can try no verification withdrawal casinos that allow instant play without the need of providing personal information.

This article will look at why most online casinos require identity verification.

ID verification is a legal requirement 

As online gambling companies handle financial transactions, criminals often use them for money laundering. This is why authorities deal with online casinos with the same strictness as financial institutions.

Online casinos, by law, have to verify the identity of players. Failure to do so will attract hefty fines. Recently, the UK Gambling Commission fined a popular online casino, £9.4m for not having a sound KYC process to detect fraud. It is one example of how strict the regulations around the verification of players are. These rules are in place to protect both the gambling businesses and players. A bitcoin no verification casino online is an option for people who do not want to go through ID verification. Let’s look at what online casinos usually ask for ID verification.

How do online casinos perform KYC? 

Most online casinos do not ask for verification when players register and make deposits. Players are repelled by a lengthy registration process which is why casinos make verification a must for withdrawals. It might come as a surprise for some players, but it helps casinos retain players. 

Also, gamblers are most likely to complete the KYC verification to withdraw their winnings.

Unless you are gambling at a bitcoin no verification casino online, the provider will ask you to upload one or more of the following documents for KYC:

  • Copy of social security number
  • Copy of Driver’s License or ID
  • Copy of passport
  • Copy of a utility bill with your name and address
  • Copy of bank statement to solicit the source of funds

Usually, a driver’s license is enough to prove your identity. However, if any suspicious activity is identified in your account, you can be asked for more ID proofs. For example, if you make a large deposit, the online casino can ask for a copy of your bank statement to verify the source of funds.

How does verification help online casinos? 

A solid KYC process helps online gambling establishments prevent the following frauds:

  • In multiple account fraud, some players create dozens of accounts at an online gambling site to tilt odds in their favor.
  • Bonus abuse is where players create fake accounts to use new signup bonuses, coupons, and other offers.
  • Gnoming is the strategy in which multiple accounts lose deliberately to help a player win easily.
  • Chip dumping is the same as gnoming, in which a player creates multiple accounts to join the same poker table to cheat the system.


Player verification by online casinos is a legit procedure to ensure gambling establishments do not become part of money laundering, terrorist funding, and other financial crimes. 

Strict safeguards also protect players when they access gambling from international jurisdictions. The KYC check can be instant or time-consuming, depending on the online casino you choose. 

Photo by Markus Winkler on Unsplash