The Ultimate Guide to Online Card Betting

The Ultimate Guide to Online Card Betting

Online betting has revolutionized the traditional way we think about money. Now more than ever, winning a few bucks or making a fortune is just several clicks away. But is it all about chance? Those of you who still see online betting as a test to your skills and stamina will be pleased to learn that online card bidding has evolved way beyond poker and blackjack, now offering a sea of opportunity unthinkable in the offline casino sites. Ultimately, card betting is the melting pot of mathematics, psychology and skill, which is one sure way to tame one’s superstitions about luck and continue gambling more securely. Sit tight, shuffle and cut the deck, as we’re about to explore everything you need to know about betting on cards online.

Benefits of Online Card Bidding

According to TopRatedBettingSites, it’s often a misconstrued assumption that winning at casino slots is way more profitable than sitting on the tables in virtual casinos. Moreover, poker remains the least popular of table card games on those sites, as it requires real practice, observance and skill. Online card betting offers a more attractive environment for the card-lover in you, as now all online betting sites include casino card games with real money and bets that will not break the bank. The initial bets can be as little as a buck or even free if one wants to test or practice the game.

There are many opportunities  to play any minute, anywhere with players from around the world, rather than wait for the opportunity to gather at home with friends. There’s no frustration and bluffing is harder to spot. The skills one needs to bet on more complicated games such as poker can be developed within hours, as the web not only provides for real money opportunities, but these betting sites also offer the option for video card betting and participating in the rooms by observing the games. Blackjack and poker remain the most played card games online, but the stiff competition among the top-rated betting sites has made room for an ample selection of other less popular games with odds favoring the adventurers in you. Overall, online card betting has become a preferred option for many of us, as it offers a wider selection, superior odds and better prizes and bonuses. So, roll up your sleeves and let’s get started!

Which are the Best Betting Sites for Card Games?

Betting sites are still not a “catch all” solution, even if the tendency shows a convergence of this sort. Consider the following tips when selecting your preferred card bidding provider. If you’re a novice to the casino world, it is worth mentioning that online casinos operate house edge the same way offline gambling sites. This means that as with every type of gambling casino games have a built-in advantage for the operator, which is not to be mistaken for the true odds of holding a particular hand. This built-in protection ensures a profit for the operator and the player only gets the difference between the house and true odds in a particular game. This said, online casinos are more favorable to those willing to put an effort in counting their cards and trying out less played options.

Betting on card games is about taking luck into your own hands and developing skills, not just relying on lists of sports betting sites which give you prognosis and statistics. And where else would it be more relaxed and secure to start learning than in the comfort of your own home while in the online casino room or online casino learning center? When starting out with card betting, consider first and foremost the payment options on the website and the welcome bonuses involved. The second most important factor for choosing a good betting site is the variety of card games provided. Is there just poker and blackjack? Always aim for betting sites with more than 5 card games listed. This is a clear sign that the provider has taken the time to explore and specialize in solutions for everybody and it’s more likely to be trustworthy. Last but not least, know the rules and take your time to calculate your odds before jumping straight head into the game.

How to Calculate the Card Game Odds

To ace your first online card game, you’d need a strong understanding of how odds work. Casino or card game odds are no different from other betting odds. It is an issue of basic mathematics. Don’t be put off by this though, as you surely don’t need a degree in Mathematics to get the hang of it. Odds is short for the likelihood or probability of winning a betting game and they are either calculated as fractions, percentages or, more rarely, as decimals. Calculating the odds in cards differs one game to another.

Let’s take Blackjack, the most widespread casino game and often deemed the easiest one to win. It offers the best odds to players provided that they don’t deviate from basic strategy. Blackjack is played between the player and the dealer, and the aim is to beat the dealer by scoring 21 points on the first two cards without a dealer blackjack or by reaching higher final score than the dealer without exceeding 21 points. The catch with Blackjack is to notice that your odds will decrease as your hand increases in value (more high cards like 10s and honor cards), so stick to the basic strategy and learn to count cards.

Texas Hold’Em is a popular poker game in which probability can be calculated by comparing the hand you’re holding, the cards on the table and those left in the deck which can help you improve your hand. Let’s say you’re holding two spades and on the table, there are another two, take the number of remaining cards in the deck (13 cards in each suit) and subtract the number of spades on the table and in your hand. Your chance is then 9 or simply put you would have 9/13 chance of improving your hand. Poker in itself has evolved in many other forms than just Texas Hold’Em, and it’s often considered the most difficult to play in casino rooms due to its variations, rules and added uncertainty from the actions of the other players. The player next to the dealer has the first choice to fold, bet or check. Choosing to bet means for the other players that they have to match the initial bet in order to stay in the game, making it costly if re-raises are later included.

Chance or Strategy?

The card betting games you choose depends ultimately on one factor – are you a risk-taker or a strategist? Are you playing for fun or are you after some real money? Let’s conduct an experiment. Once you have mastered the most popular card games like Blackjack or Texas Hold’Em, consider trying other games, deemed to have good odds of making a profit. Experiencing other games will ultimately give you more insight about yourself and your betting style than any other betting activity you might choose. This is not to say that you should bet more recklessly and experiment with your style. Believing in your luck, but knowing when to fold is equally important as devising a winning strategy and improving your skill to manage your own luck.

Baccarat is often considered as popular as Blackjack, It provides very good chances to leave the game as a winner. Each player is dealt two cards, and the value of the hand is the sum of both cards – as long as the value is under 10. In this game, the best odds are always on the banker, and as with other games, it is recommended to avoid any tie bets. The greatest advantage of Baccarat is the relatively low house edge and the simple rules involved. This is a game of simple guessing where the player and the dealer gets a hand, and the score is calculated by simply adding up the card values and ignoring the first digit. This game certainly is not as exciting as poker or Blackjack, as the player doesn’t take any decisions and there’s no strategy involved, but it’s a relatively secure way to make some profit.

A cheap, but not so socially exciting option is Video Poker which requires a lot more skill than it seems. The lowest end games cost as little as 1,25 per hand to play, and the odds are generally superior. If you’re really looking to win some bucks and enjoy a little brain strain, this is the game for you. Similarly to poker, it requires the knowledge of a basic strategy and how to calculate your odds by multiplying the odds of achieving each hand by the pay-out corresponding to this hand. This game also gives you an ample amount of control over your hands, without relying too much on luck.

Other card games with superior online odds are Red Dog, Carribean Stud, Casino Wars and Pontoon (Twenty-One). 3 Card Poker is not necessarily very favorable to your odds of winning, but it’s great fun and worth checking out!

Final Words of Wisdom

Similarly, to live card bidding in casinos, card betting can become very strenuous when one lets emotions take over strategy. We recommend viewing online card betting the same way as if you’re facing the dealer or the other players in a room. Remain composed, follow your strategy even if you seem not to be getting a winning hand and don’t play too aggressively. Don’t underestimate the importance of building up your skill. Online betting sites make it seem easier for punters to win a profit, but card betting is not just about luck, and it takes certainly more skill than simply placing a bet might look like. Here you can check out a recent study which shows that the increase in online gambling has not lead to more problem gamblers.