New Platforms – These are the ‘new kids’ on the block. Here are some new Play Bridge Online Platforms which have been introduced recently. On these platforms you can arrange to meet friends, play with strangers from around the world, and enter platform-specific events and tournaments. All feel they’re offering you a unique experience – and most are free – to start. So dig in! We welcome feedback too – 

Bridge Champ. The Next Generation Of Online Bridge Playing online Bridge can be complex. Bridge Champ makes it easier for you!

IntoBridge Designed, with you and for you, the most comprehensive and intuitive bridge platform on the market.

Bridgestars Online Bridge platforms have become outdated. We developed a modern platform for Bridge players all around the world to play unlimited Bridge for free.

IBESCore is an onsite game scoring app players use during face to face play. It tracks overall scores around the room which the Director can monitor and players can view scorecards, rankings or traveller comparisons, and friends and family can spectate from anywhere around the world as play happens.

Double Dummy movie now available for free streaming. Why not host an event?  Interactive virtual screening events make it easy to introduce this transformative card game to a new generation of players. Find out more →

Tips for playing with robots – Anyone who has played with robots will have noticed they don’t follow the same ‘rules’ as humans. But they are robots and that means they are consistent. So learning what ‘rules’ they do follow will help you succeed when your robot is your partner.  Read more here →

New ACBL Convention Card Editor – Bridge Winners has updated its convention card editor to support the new ACBL convention card. Read intro here →

Asking The ACBL About Their Future Tablet Game. Alex gets to goods from the ACBL – read about the future of bridge! 

Should we consider the radical move of abolishing women’s bridge? The latest academic paper by Bridge: A MindSport for All (BAMSA) argues that no, there are good reasons for the existence of the women-only game. Read more here  →