ACBL Educational Foundation offering Digital Day Camps for young bridge players this summer. Individual camp flyers and registration forms can be found here →

ACBL considers using Tablets for Premier Events. At the request of the ACBL Advisory Council’s Anti-Cheating Committee, the Competition & Conventions Committee, with approval from the ACBL Board of Directors, has formed a sub-committee to study and prepare to adopt a version of the USBF ‘Martel method’ for use in the later rounds of several ACBL NABC+ team events. The Martel method consists of playing on provided tablets and having two screenmates from each table in separate ballrooms. This method was used successfully last year for the USBF team trials, where it was generally well received, and will be used for them again later this month. Article by David Grainger here →

Edwin B. Kantar, RIP   by Frank Stewart  – With a profound sense of bereavement and loss, I regret to acknowledge to the BW community that the great Eddie Kantar passed away this morning at the age of 89. Eddie, I can’t find adequate words. You were simply the best. Read tributes on Bridge Winners here.

ACBL creates the Institute for Bridge Arbitration – The Institute for Bridge Arbitration (IBA) is the specialized disciplinary body of the American Arbitration Association (AAA) that hears cases alleging an Ethical Violation. Read more on Bridge Winners here →

International Bridge Press Association welcomes two new columnists, Larry Cohen and Andrew Robson, to their monthly magazine. “Two more distinguished columnists we cannot imagine,” writes editor John Carruthers. Visit IBPA website

New ACBL Convention Card. The ACBL Board of Directors approved the new Convention Card during its Austin meetings. The ACBL expects to make the new card the official one sometime in the middle of 2022. Until then, either card will be acceptable. The formal use of the card in tournaments will take place sometime next year. Watch your Bulletin for articles that will help explain the changes and the proper way to fill out the card. Click here to download the card  → 

NEW BRIDGE LINKS – have you visited our New Links page recently? Lots of new bridge sites coming online over the past few months,  Check it out here ->

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