RealBridge & BAMSA: Teacher and Coach Conference. Speakers from all over the world. Free to attend online. Oct 7-8, 2023. See list of speakers and more info here →

DDoS attack on BBO – BBO faced a denial of service attack (DDoS) last Thursday Sept 7, which put strain on our systems, leading to slowness and occasional malfunctions. This had been successfully resolved within hours of the attack. Learn more on Bridge Winners here →

Real Bridge has organized three junior events this fall, all free. Categories are U16, U21, U26, U31.  Sun 1 Oct. For details click  Fri/Sat 11/12 Nov. For details click   (Note that this is a single event on a single day – the date depends on the timezone.)  Sun 10 Dec. For details click Coaches and captains please contact

The 46th World Bridge Teams Championships August 20 – September 2, 2023 in Marrakesh, Morocco are now over.  Great Bridge Links  Championship Jump Page features a full list of medalists as well as all the links you need to enjoy news and stories form the championships.

In your opinion what is the worst conventionGabi Levy posed this on Bridge Winners in preparation for an articleon his website – and there were over 250 replies last I looked! Follow the conversation here(and by the way, I happen to love Drury)

The card game War fun for the whole family This is WAR! An epic battle playing card game for family fun. The first step in teaching your young child to play bridge is to teach them the value of the cards. A nine beats a four. An Ace beats everything. War is a great game and can be played endlessly on the ferry, in the car, or at a campsite. Read How To here (written by Jude Goodwin) →

NEW BRIDGE LINKS – have you visited our New Links page recently? Lots of new bridge sites coming online over the past few months,  Check it out here ->