The American Arbitration Association will no longer be involved in bridge arbitrations, and the ACBL has instead asked the IBA to administer all bridge arbitrations. Read more on Bridge Winners here →

New website for Women’s Bridge in the European Bridge League which will bring regular updates regarding current and future activities for promoting women to the forefront of International Bridge. View website here

White House Juniors –  A news item in this month’s IBPA Bulletin notes that Tim Heeres and Bob Drijver report that there will not be a White House Juniors International anymore. They would like to thank their main sponsors Max Abram and Herman Drenkelford (Het Witte Huis) for their support over the years, and also for their support of (youth) bridge in general. They also thank all the players who have taken part in the event, for making it such a nice tournament. Tim and Bob, together with others, will continue to look for an opportunity to continue the tradition of a big junior tournament in The Netherlands in the future.

One of the all-time great bridge personalities, Zeke Jabbour passed away Jan 7, peacefully, in his sleep, at age 94. Read tributes on Bridge Winners here

Is Real Bridge real bridge? An interesting discussion on Bridge Winners regarding club face to face play vs RealBridge only – where do you weigh in?

Samantha Punch and BAMSA take on Neurosexism in Bridge Read introduction on Bridge Winners here →

ACBL Seeks Executive Director. Must have a willingness to re-locate to Horn Lake, MS (Memphis metro area) is a requirement. Read more on Bridge Winners →

Phoenix. ACBL’s fall NABC  November 24-Dec 4. Read Daily Bulletins and find results here 

IBPA News gets a new editor. Brad Coles of Canberra, ACT, Australia is the incoming Editor of the International Bridge Press Association Bulletin, replacing long time editor John Carruthers from Canada. Brad will commence his duties with the January, 2023 issue (Bulletin No. 696). He and John Carruthers will co-edit that number and Brad will take over as solo editor in February

ACBL creates the Institute for Bridge Arbitration – The Institute for Bridge Arbitration (IBA) is the specialized disciplinary body of the American Arbitration Association (AAA) that hears cases alleging an Ethical Violation. Read more on Bridge Winners here →

International Bridge Press Association welcomes two new columnists, Larry Cohen and Andrew Robson, to their monthly magazine. “Two more distinguished columnists we cannot imagine,” writes editor John Carruthers. Visit IBPA website

New ACBL Convention Card. The ACBL Board of Directors approved the new Convention Card during its Austin meetings. The ACBL expects to make the new card the official one sometime in the middle of 2022. Until then, either card will be acceptable. The formal use of the card in tournaments will take place sometime next year. Watch your Bulletin for articles that will help explain the changes and the proper way to fill out the card. Click here to download the card  → 

NEW BRIDGE LINKS – have you visited our New Links page recently? Lots of new bridge sites coming online over the past few months,  Check it out here ->